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Can you Imagine?

This is another poem i wrote. Its about how i can imagine these things happening. This is a rhyming poem so... enjoy!

Can You Imagine?

Love without regret,
My baby god sister being upset

My mother getting dumped,
Mateou being jumped

The Earth with no land,
The Beach with no sand

Where geeks are cool,
Where there is no school

My family finally having lots of money,
The bees not making honey

My sister’s drawings sparkling with fame,
An infant with no name

Georgia without a riot,
An anorestic on a diet

Me being a star,
A lightning bug without a jar

A Lesbian kissing a Gay,
A night without a day

A man wearing hair weave,
Blue without Steve

The President being shot,
Ice that is hot

A pen without ink,
Baby blue without pink

Love without Lust,
Furniture without dust

Ice without cream,
Hair without sheen

U and I together,
Me and you forever

Can you imagine?