xD My name is Otomi Babii.
(Well... on this website, that is)
This is my personal blogging world thing-a-ma-bob.
Take a look at the daily dose of yours truly ;)

Major BLOCK . ) :

This Is AWFUL !!!
I can't even think straight anymore .
It's like the Ghost Of Otaku's Past has stolen my ability to draw, RP, write, and etc .
I feel like I have no talent ... at all !
This bothers me alot ...
I really want to RP with my friends and draw scenes from it ... but I think I permanently .
I can't focus... )':

Up && Scared .

So , It's 6:37 AM && I'm Up !
Which is Awkward Because I Don't Wake Up Until Like 10 !!
Its Because Of The Rats . . .
Well You See , I'm at My Grandpa's House In New York .
&& As You All Know , New York is VERY RAT INFECTED !
Ugh !
Jenae didn't get any sleep whats-so-ever
(She's sleeping now)
I Had a nightmare about dinosaurs && I woke up to me sweating . So I can't go back to bed .
Ima Work On Some Posts Now . . .

My # !

. . . .
PM me if you want it !


I Wana Join The PGR Role Play Soooo Bad . . . But IDK Where To Come In At .
Plus I'm The Leader Of The Club !
What Kinda Wholley-Wagon Is That ? ( Nellie Word )

My Update .

Hey guys !
Long time no see ( TheO )
But yeah , here's the update on me .

Well, you all know why I was out . Daddy don't have any internet . And the reason why I was always on facebook is because I have facebook mobile . But no internet on my phone whatssoever . Sooooooo , yes yes you can take the blame on me if ya want but it's totally not my fault .

Since PGR wasn't an option at my dad's , I was forced to live a life without internet ( for the past month ) . HORRIBLENESS I TELL YA !

Currently I am in New York at my Grandpa's house . Let me tell you , the flight here was sure as hell scary ! We had to fly through a thunderstorm . Jenae was soooo terrified , she held my hand the whole ride ( talk about your sisterly love [: ) ! She been acting like a cat lately . Afraid of thunderstorms , chasing around birds , scratching the hell outta my damn arm !!! .... & meowing . xD

Have you guys ever read a series called Vampire Kisses ? It's a manga and a novel . I'm not a big fan of goth or vampires , but I gotta say that book got dialouge ! I was reading it for the past 2 days and it's so good I'm almost done with the 596 paged book ! Most def. recommended !

For PGR : I've read the stories ( most of em ) and stuff . I'm impressed ! Although Nae & I were gone , y'all kept the good times rolling . Kudos to you guys !! If there is anything that I must do , please feel free to comment below !

&& that's all folks !
(: ♥ Nellie !