Kanto has changed quiet a bit. It's harder to become a trainer but tradition still pushes forwards. I am about to journey out into the world and the adventure of a life time is about to happen. The concept of an undersoul will then make sense.

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Oh god, the nostalgia!

Oh no...


The girls where up ahead of me talking, giggling. I was dragging along in the back with Litwick. I had no clue where we where going next, but honestly I didn’t care. The nature and atmosphere of this forest was unusually peaceful.

“So, Raynard, are you going to nickname your Pokémon or what?” Autumn questioned.

I looked down at Litwick who was fidgety. I had no idea.

“Nah…” I replied as my best answer yet.

Autumn frowned a little bit, “Oh…”

Suddenly I frowned, but what was I suppose to name my Litwick? I didn't have the slightest clue.

Nightfall was yonder and I wonder if we where going to camp out here, I hate camping. We probably had no choice anyways, we where trainers, so we are prepared for the worse situations possible.

(In the next half hour)


Totally, we where going to have to settle out here.

The girls where setting up their sleeping bags and then looking at their map while I had to make the dirty bonfire because Litwick refused to help me, so typical for a boy… In my opinion... But ah who cares. After about a couple of minutes, I got a spark started!

Then suddenly I realized something.

Where is… Litwick?

…Oh Arceus, what have I done, now this has to happen on my first day as a trainer…?

Really…? Really…?!

The girls looked distracted and sleepy, I murmured quietly if they where still listening, “I’ll be back… Bathroom…" Unresponsive, they looked as if they didn’t even notice me as I slipped out of their sight.

“Litwick…! Litwick…! Come back here! Now!” Finding a Pokémon with a purple flame on top of its head should be easy as 1 2 3. That’s not the case for me, these overgrown bushes where practically impossible to look around. I kept on inspecting everything I could.

There was a long narrow pathway that I started following in hopes of finding Litwick. Suddenly after about 40 seconds a purple light down the path is moving away from me. Dammit Litwick!

Nearby sounds where heard as I progressed down the narrow path, sounds like men where laughing or celebrating. Litwick decided to go check it out, it was another campground, full of men.

It was a military post.

“No...! Litwick…!” I whispered, “Don’t you even dare…!”

Litwick followed out of the bushes and was in the circumference of the camp. I watched through the bush. A soldier sitting on a log near the fire with an unidentifiable weapon turned around and reached out to Litwick. Litwick evaded his hand.

I popped out of the bushes and fell to the forest floor grabbing Litwick so she wouldn’t go further, the man shocked and bewildered from my sudden reaction took out his weapon and pointed it at me, I sat upright with Litwick in my lap, holding my hands up. “The hell!” The man shouted, trembling.

All the mens' heads where facing me.

“Dammit, don’t shoot him, pansy.” Another shouted, in full uniform. He came forth to me. I don’t even remember his name but I do recognize him from a long time ago…
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Team Turbulence

More to come.

Looked into her eyes


Names huh?

I looked over at my Pikachu. I almost died inside. She was my pokemon...

“That's it, your name's Rudy!” I glanced down to see Kennedy on the dirt.

"Kennedy are you alright?!!?!?" I quickly helped her up.

She started mumbling as she wiped the dirt off her clothes.

Mmmm...Pikachu had to have a unique name. At that moment Pikachu looked up at me, and I stared into her eyes. They shined like crystals... "Crystal!" I exclaimed loudly to the pikachu, "that's gonna be your name from now on ok?" I smiled.

Crystal looked up at me, and happily exclaimed, "Pika!" I took that as awesome!

I heard Raynard talking to his Litwick. It was an interesting pokemon. I had never seen it before.

"Guys we have to go to the pokemart!" I suddenly exclaimed, forgetting we had to get supplies. I raced to the big blue sign that said "Pokemart"

-Herpy pokemart sequence, we're getting supplies, since i'm not sure what to put here.....we can have anything LOL-

Our bags where full with needed supplies now, but...

"Well now what!?" I said looking around. Common lets start our pokemon adventure!

"Off into the forest to the first town I guess," Raynard answered.

"Yeah, it looks like people are exiting from over there," Kennedy pointed.

"Lets go let's go let's goooo!" I ran with Crystal behind me, toward the open door.

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Once the guys in the funny tuxedos let all us trainers go, me, Raynard, and Autumn began heading out of the Indigo Plateau building. Much to my surprise, all the buses were gone. I frowned, looking in the direction of where Viridian City lay. How many miles was it? Five or six? Oh, god, my feet are going to be killing me.

Autumn and Raynard didn't look too alarmed by this. “Well, we have a long walk ahead of us. Why don't we allow our Pokemon out of their balls?” suggested Autumn with a smile. Before I could even say Articuno, she let out the Pikachu that she proudly proclaimed hers when she greeted us.

Raynard let out his strange candle Pokemon (though, if you ask me, it looks more like a giant marshmallow) called Litwick. I frowned slightly as I pulled out my first Pokemon's pokeball. I sighed and released him. Autumn's Pikachu jumped over to the Litwick and my Sandshrew, greeting them. The Litwick give any verbal response, and my Sandshrew waved its arms. Once they were done, we started heading out.

Farther down the way, we saw other trainers. One had a Pikachu as well. I took a moment to think. There are a lot of Sandshrew and Pikachu around Kanto and Jhoto...just like Ratattata and other such Pokemon. “Maybe we should give our Pokemon names?” I suggested. “I'm sure a lot of people could get a hold of similar Pokemon as we do...”

“Not a Litwick,” answered Raynard.

Autumn smiled. “Yeah, we should do that!”

I looked down at my Sandshrew, unsure of what to name the little guy. He had gone quite a distance a head of us with Autumn's Pikachu. Raynard's Litwick stayed with him, riding on her trainer's hat.

My eyes turned upward as I rummaged my mind for ideas. Ryan...no, that doesn't fit. Riku? Too common. So's Hunter and Yuki. Now, Yuki's just ironic. So would be Mizu. Nion? Timmy? Kennith? Take? No, that's just-

The next thing I knew, I found myself face first in the dirt path. I gritted my teeth and looked back to see my Sandshrew “grinning” sheepishly at me like only a Pokemon can. How rude! “That's it, your name's Rudy!”

Behind me, I could swear that my traveling companions might have sweatdropped.


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Heading out-!


When the screen flashed group number five, I looked closely to find out the girl that called me a blockhead was in my group, coincidentally she was right next to me. I noticed I was the only male in the group…

After a while a hyperactive girl scrambled to greet us, her name was Autumn. She apparently caught a Pikachu, when she asked me what I caught I said “Litwick.” A confused expression viewed on her face. I knew this Pokémon wasn’t common here. Kennedy, the other hand said that she caught a Sandshrew, and looked down as if she wasn’t exhilarated that she obtained it. Why not?

The man in the tuxedo arose up and spoke again, "Make sure you guys stop at the Pokémart and Pokécenter before you guys head out!" Autumn started to spaze either of utter excitement or anxiety. Oh boy, this is going to take some time getting used to…

“Well… I guess we should be prepared to head out soon, no?” Kennedy broke the silence.

“Yeah… Well maybe we should go to get a check in at the Pokécenter for this month. Then the Pokémart to get our items and stuff...” I replied.

They all nodded in agreement.

The groups assembled out on their adventure...

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