Hello! It's me, The Pink Pirate! I'm sort of just figuring out how this World think works, so excuse me if this is all confusing. This is a world dedicated to my upcoming series, Al and the Magic Lamp (working title). It's a modern re-telling of Aladdin. I don't think it will be too long, but I wanted to create a world, and I needed a reason. I'll edit more of this as I go! I'm sorry to cut this so short, but I'm making macaroni and cheese for lunch, and I put in the macaroni before the water was boiling. And I think that's bad. I so suck at cooking.

Story so far...

Hey! It's me! MY FIRST POST! (Oooh!) I haven't uploaded any pictures I've done of the main characters on the otaku yet, so I'm sorry. I've been sketching and editing like crazy. I guess I'll give some basic info on the plot and Main Characters.

Alphonse is a college student who works in an antique store part time. He accidentally comes across a genie in a lamp, called Noor. She grants him three wishes. Al tires to win over the 'love of his life', Emi. Noor eventually enters in Al's school in order to grant his wish. The plot thickens as the effeminate but strangely masculine man-genie, Karim, appears as a distraction to Noor. I know it's not super-original, but I like it.

Alright. Characters. Alphonse is the Aladdin character, obviously. He's really sweet. All he wants is for Emi to fall in love with him. But she's uninterested. And Al is convinced that she's the only one for him.

Noor is the genie. I love the design I came up with for her. I'll post a picture underneath this post. I think if I were a genie, I'd like to be her. She's sort of innocent, but still has that think that makes her sexy. She fell in love with one of her masters once, and never got over it. I think she's sad a lot of the time, because she sees people making relationships and such and will never get to to that. She does have Karim, but he's, well, Karim...

Emi is the sort of bitchy uber-girl character. She's really mean to Al, and doesn't take notice of him. I think that's just because she's careless, though. Overall, she isn't bad. Just self-absorbed.

Finally there's Karim. He's the effeminate yet strangely masculine man-genie that appears to give Noor trouble. He's sort of a vindictive older brother. He appears as a love interest for Emi. I think I'll make him a professor. Well, he's a genie too, but I haven't decided why he's appeared. After all, he should be stuck in some random lamp somewhere.

Okieday! That's everyone so far. I'll try to come up with some more later on. I'm so busy now! Stupid school! Anyway, here's the pic of Noor. Hope you like it!