my friends are making me do this. i dont know how long i'll keep it up though.

day 2 thurs. the 3rd (old post)

not much exitement for today. i got there early and just watched the other girls. they looked like they were having fun. i stayed after to help clean up as well. though i think i stayed to long since when i came out father was waiting for me with everyone. he looked pretty angry...

Day One: Wed. the 2 (old post)

so yeah. my first day. i was all hyper and exited to be working there. i was jumping all around the train (well as best i could anyways) and when i got there i found out i had to use a buddy system. i wasnt allowed to be at a table alone just yet because i was still in high school and some other stuff. sucked. i dont know why. everyone i met was really nice to me! i bet father told them to. he can be very...convincing at times when he wants to be. it was fun though. i already got a hang of the ropes. though we dont have much time to talk to the customers it was really fun, what little time we did have. some one had a birthday party and we sung them a song and gave them a peach peach cake. it was really fun! i really like working there.