Next Chapter Please?

This friday I will be walking down to receive my diploma holder. (We have to come back to get the diploma(...)) I I can't really say that this year went by fast. I forgot to pay attention really. This weekend I'm going to the lake that my entire family rents for a week for the family reunion. Then when I return I will have about 4-5 days to pack for Cali. We are going to disney Land. Am I happy? Yes. But scared as well. I have never flown before!

My art is coming slowly. I have a lot I need to post, but I haven't gotten around to scanning anything. I need to I know, but I've been busy cramming and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. "Help us, help you to graduate." Pff, MY ASS!

I have plans on working hard on my art this summer, and I finally bought a camera so you will see more makeup work from me as well. ( I know you have never seen anything of this sort from me on here, It's all on dA Sorry about that. I am thinking about posting some of my art on here. What do you think? )

I have so much more to tell where to start?

I am no longer with Alex. I dated a Jake. Almost a Brian, but he choose someone else. I now have my own car. Though I allow my mom to drive it while I am at school, (her car died) I worked in a cafe shop, but learned quickly that balancing full time school along with work, was just too much. I miss it, kinda, but I don't think I will go back there. I may get a job this summer, but then again I may take a few art classes this summer to improve my art skills before College next year. I am freaking out, kinda about college next year, about having to fly, and about the unknown my life is now guiding me in. I feel as if I can no longer see my path, and am closing my eyes, and "hoping" I don't run into a rock that is too large. But I also hold hope that my college years hold much greatness, and I my path more visible soon. It's exciting, terrifying beautiful, and ugly all at the same time. I can only hope, I don't forget my seatbelt in this crazy ride.

Thank you for reading, I will soon post again. if I haven't become too busy. :)

Congratulations to graduates of all grades, I wish those who are going to into the real world much luck, and those getting a step closer, luck as well.