My nickname is Pikachu by many of my friends. I love him, he is so cute and cuddly looking.
Here is where I will write about my personal life. Since I'm at school most of the time this is the only place I can come to. Maybe when I get home I will link my dA account. (Deviant art)

Bleh Much?

I'm sitting here is my math class, well not my math class, but she's my teacher. I didn't want to go to secon period, so I stayed in my math class and threw away all of the math work we ever did in class. It felt great!

Now I ran out of paper, and the class is quiet cause they are testing. I mean, I can hear people breathing!!! Yep, bordom.

Next Chapter Please?

This friday I will be walking down to receive my diploma holder. (We have to come back to get the diploma(...)) I I can't really say that this year went by fast. I forgot to pay attention really. This weekend I'm going to the lake that my entire f...

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Happy birthday to me, I really need to pee!!

really I do, funny huh? I'm in science again, posting because I can. And yes it really is my birthday No joke!! more crap today, but im not going to let anything get me down! I promised myself that. :3 So im just chilling here listening to BoA jus...

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Knowing When.

It's hard to know when to stop when you feel like you are getting everything you want and nothing is going to happen. Isn't it? Some peopl eI know have yet to learn this lesson, and sometimes it feels as if I too have this lesson to learn. I...

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