A place for fans and followers of mine to make suggestions and requests for drawings.

I should probably mention...I am a bit of a procrastinator, and I don't usually do requests unless it is somewhat interesting to me personally. It sounds selfish, yes, but it is to ensure the quality of the work. If the subject bores me, chances are I won't do it. That isn't to say I will shoot down any and all requests though.


I need more pics for my new character.. short red hair, blue eyes, thin like...You think you can draw me some?


I've gotten around to giving you all posting rights to this world. You can thank Kira for that. So, feel free to make requests anytime~

Various nonsense

So I've noticed lately that all my little doodles seem to be rather redundant. As far as the posing goes. Any ideas?

Also, I'll get around to giving you all posting rights here eventually, I'm just lazy...