Kevin redone

here is Kevin's new profile

Name: Kevin
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Birthday: May 25, 1991
Birthplace: >.>
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Style: grunge/bum
Position: Singer
Pets: 5 snakes
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Favorite Drink: Beer
Favrotie Color: none
Favorite Band: Rage Agaisnt The Machine
Favrotie Movie: Holes
Favorite:T.V show: none
Favorite Animal: Reptiles
Favorite Season: none
Least favorite food: veggitables
Least Favorite color: pink
Least Favorite band: Paramore

Appearance: Never seen without a black beannie hat on, with dirty clothes filled with holes. Kevin as short brown un-kept hair and brown eyes. He's of average height and a slim, but muscular build and he usually looks very dirty.

Personality: Spiteful and impulsive, Kevin is always mean and rude, and loves nothing more then to fight people, commonly threating to pound someone. He can also be rather immature and a bit saracstic. Never afraid to say what he thinks of someone, he'll speak his mind regardless of how rude it is.