hello this is my picture show/gallery. i am a beleiver in the phrase " a picture speaks a thousand words" so i fugred that i would take shots of the great scenery around town and watnot and post then here. most of the shots i toook i was just left in awe (also they make very nice backgrounds for comp) so i'd love to share that with you too ^^ so grabs some popcorn, take yur time and look around, and careful not to get lost~ the bathroom is down the hall and to the left for future refferance btw XD *brick'd*

speed boat pic

me and tom speeding across pearl lake with his dad. three friends are with but for respect of thier privacy i didnt show them.


as the sun sets on a day well spent. it bring forth the foreshadowing light of a new day to start anew

our trip to redstone!

yes this is all one picture. no by normal and by technical means we did NOT photoshop this and yes. there are three mes in the shot. there was only three of us btw me tom and jun-senpai who is the one in the middle. now question is can you tell how there was three me's in one unaltered picture? and honestly yes. this is fresh from cam to upload. no editing in between.

last one

and another~

second scene

scene two~