hello this is my picture show/gallery. i am a beleiver in the phrase " a picture speaks a thousand words" so i fugred that i would take shots of the great scenery around town and watnot and post then here. most of the shots i toook i was just left in awe (also they make very nice backgrounds for comp) so i'd love to share that with you too ^^ so grabs some popcorn, take yur time and look around, and careful not to get lost~ the bathroom is down the hall and to the left for future refferance btw XD *brick'd*

ha!!! win!!!



totally something id say XDD http://www.jokesglores.com/pic-newest/802/Who-are-you,-Batman

alright lets have some fun with this!

http://www.jokesglores.com/pic-newest/825/Size-Doesnt-Matter,-Its-How-You-Use-Them-XD XD

a life that never ends

his smile is tucked away,behind a heart that remains a mystery. his eyes show the pain of a burden he cannot control. his mind is lost to the realm of frustration and confusion. he wonders why he is here. he wonders if all he can do is the one thing he is good at; destruction. his hands extend outward in hopes of being something he simply cannot be. his legs continue walking trying to escape from a huanting past that follows him everywhere he goes. his chest bares the symbol of false hope. hope to those he fears he cannot help no matter how much he wants to. casshern is the one that is a walking contradiction. he fights to live. but doesnt know why he wants to. he is willing to give his life for a good cuase and yet he could never fullfill that task. a machine of war, he will gladly bare the grudges and ahte of others... in hopes of in some way.. making up for what he has done.

you walk alone no more..for i shall be by your side. i will fight with you my friend. for we are a kindred spirit. we are alike in more ways than one and yet different in many ways. though we may walk back to back. i will be sure to glance over my shoulder to be sure i am still helping to bare the burden. for to suffer is but one thing... but i know to well to suffer alone.. is a curse...

casshern....be thy brother in arms. allow us to be of minimal use to this world together. then of no use seperatly..


me tom jun and our awesome ninja friend rin. together we are the dragons. wolf the techno-ninja, koba the stealth/outsane ninja, rin the pistol whipping ninja, and jun-senpai the ladiesman/mafia ninja.