hello this is my picture show/gallery. i am a beleiver in the phrase " a picture speaks a thousand words" so i fugred that i would take shots of the great scenery around town and watnot and post then here. most of the shots i toook i was just left in awe (also they make very nice backgrounds for comp) so i'd love to share that with you too ^^ so grabs some popcorn, take yur time and look around, and careful not to get lost~ the bathroom is down the hall and to the left for future refferance btw XD *brick'd*

another battle

idk i think i was actually dissapointed with this outcome.

link vs cloud

talk to a friend and place a bet before you watch the vid. my bets were on cloud lol

epic rival battles!

loved the ending! XDDDD


well im sure this settles a lot of disputes. and if you stick around for the end of the vid they do a LOT of alculations that explains alot and it actually makes some reasonable sense too! overall between the graphics, voice acting, and calculations put into this single video i am overly impressed

lost in MC