hello this is my picture show/gallery. i am a beleiver in the phrase " a picture speaks a thousand words" so i fugred that i would take shots of the great scenery around town and watnot and post then here. most of the shots i toook i was just left in awe (also they make very nice backgrounds for comp) so i'd love to share that with you too ^^ so grabs some popcorn, take yur time and look around, and careful not to get lost~ the bathroom is down the hall and to the left for future refferance btw XD *brick'd*

boba vs samus

wont lie. samus is hot but the suit does make her look like a dude XDDD

harry vs luke

oh man to use that move on someone with a scar on thier head....so brutal!

spawn vs kratos


ooooh the commentary!! XDDDDDDDDD best battle ever. in the words of tobuscus; " hothothothothothothothothothothothot~~~"