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Okay Otakuties!!! I realize I havent exactly been keeping up with my fiction, but 1) no one is reading it and 2)I haven't had time. So, I am making up for it by announcing a contest. Here are the rules:

1)Can be in Fan Word, Fan Art, or Fan Manga form.
2)If in Art or Manga form, must be colored.
3)Subject must include the main character of my Fiction, Ami. May include original characters from Mermaid Melody or characters from other Anime, but said Anime must be cleared by me.
4)Already cleared Anime are; Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Full Moon, Inuyasha and Fruits Basket. Cleared Video Games are; all Final Fantasy games, Okami, and Kingdom Hearts.
5)Due Date; July 11th.
6)Tags must be Mermaid Melody, Pichi Pichi Pitch, Ami, Pink Princess,& Contest, along with any other anime you used.

The prize is...To have your character in my Fan Fiction!!(Don't worry, I will update en mass in about a month, when I'm done judging.)



Tell me, Tell me,
master oh please.
Are these voices my own
or others who tease?

So sickening, So sickening,
How can this be true?
Out of all that they've done,
what they've done to you.

I'm wishing, I'm wishing,
that someday,
humanity will soon
know the way.

How sad, How sad,
for I have forseen.
What can these signs
possibly mean?

How frightening, How frightening,
the balance is broken.
Because of all this,
I am choking.

Ami, Pink Princess-Part of chapter 1

Do to a stunning lack of Pichi Pichi Pitch Fanfics on here, I decided to write one of my own. Enjoy, plz comment/hug.

~Chapter One~

Ami drifted through the underwater castle.Her castle. She was in her mermaid country of the North pacific. She headed towards the sacred fountain, a giant clamshell baring a pink pearl olmost as big as Ami and spouting a pretty bubbling pink viscous liquid. Her tail rippled through the suddenly changing current, whipping her pretty, long pink-and-black hair into a vicious spiral and opening her clamshell locket, spiriting away her pearl. She tried to catch it, but to now avail. She turned in horror to the fountain, as the pink bubbles solidified to a thick crimson liquid, tainting the pearl that rested within it. Ami screamed, but all that came out were bubbles. She had turned back into human form and watched (quite literally) breathlessly as her palace crumbled and the red liquid formed a shape. It was the sillouette of a man. The dripping red man spoke.
"Hear me pink mermaid. Your kingdom will fall as you see now, unless you..."
The figure trickled into a puddle of the red liquid Ami now realized was blood. She yelled,"Unless I what?! Tell me...!!", but it was lost in a stream of bubbles and she slipped into blackness....
Ami awoke, screaming and sitting up. Her mid-back length pink hair swayed, and the two black streakes in front of her ears rested on her shoulders. Her bangs clung to her forehead with sweat, and her lavender eyes sparkled with the rush one gets after a paricularily frightning dream.
Hippo the eternally-youthful penguin in humain form came running.
"Princess! Are you alright?" His doe-like eyes were concerned.
"Yes, Hippo-kun." Ami flopped back on her pillow, but immidiately jerked up because it was wet. "I'm going to take a bath."
"Alright, Ami-sama. If you need me, just call."He left as Ami went to the washroom.
The custom made pink marble tub was long, but not deep. It was at least 10'x5', but only 2' or so deep. She undressed an sat in the tub, and turned it on. She welcomed the change to a mermaid and gladly soaked in the warmth of the water as the tub filled. She absently splashed her fins as she contemplated her dream.
The bloody figure had reminded her of the pictures she had seen of the panthalassa prince Kaito. Or perhaps Gackto. Gackto was slightly more plausible. Blood seemed more his thing, but he was over 20-years sealed in his castle with the former orange princess Sara.




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