Story: Crossroads

I have five main stories I made in high school. This is the first original story I made in high school after I stopped writing fanfiction. It’s kind of like a transitional story since the stories I made in middle school included magic and kingdoms. The basic idea is that as a child, people possess a lot of energy that is released and collected around them like an aura; when there is too much energy, a being is made that encompasses that energy. These beings are not known to the public, but there is an organization that studies them.

A side note: There’s a lot of cringe worthy names, so here’s a temporary placeholder of terms for now.
Beings - what is made after there is too much energy surrounding a child
K - military organization of Beings that is the enemy of T
T - organization that studies Beings and has a military branch that is the enemy of K

Mao is one of these Beings, and she comes from Kenta; unlike most people, Kenta got to meet and know Mao, and they became as close as siblings. One day, Mao was forcibly separated from Kenta from a low ranked official from T, but she was saved by Nori who brought her to where he and Aki lived. Nori is a Being who came from Aki; they live in the private home of a high ranking official of K who has nothing against humans. Nori did this so neither Mao nor Kenta were going to get hurt or get the attention of T.

The story starts five years later just a few weeks before Kenta’s first day of high school. He lives with his grandfather since his older sister is at a boarding school and both parents are working abroad. On his way home from grocery shopping, Kenta meets Dan who asks Kenta if he remembers Mao. Dan provokes Kenta to test his loyalty only to be stopped by an adult named Kimura. Kimura works at T and knows that Dan works at K; Kimura escorts Kenta home and explains what Beings, K, and T are. T also has a high school, and Kimura asks Kenta if he wants to go to T high school for protection. Kenta accepts because he believes it will bring him closer to Mao.

Dan reports back to Nori. Nori’s goal was for Kenta and Mao to meet, but Dan insisted on testing Kenta. Now that Kenta is at T, things get more complicated.

At T high school, Kenta meets Mayumi, Shinji, and Seiichi. Kenta also learns that his older sister, Aya, has been going to T middle school and high school. The point of this school is to not only provide regular education but also education on what Beings are to those who found out about them; students don’t have to join the military branch nor do they have to continue learning about Beings after their schooling is done.

Mayumi joined because her family owns a shop that is open to both humans and Beings. It is a neutral zone, so no one can fight each other. Shinji grew up in an area where the families are a part of T. Shinji joined T high school because his friend, Hotaru, was revealed to be a Being who was instantly ostracized and targeted; she only wanted to attend school like a regular person. Shinji wished to change the direction of T to not be hostile towards Beings. Seiichi initially said that he joined T high school because he overheard some T officials talking about Beings. However, Seiichi later reveals that he is actually the child of a Being and human; since he is not completely human, he has an abundance of energy. T keeps Seiichi in check and ordered Seiichi to keep an eye on Shinji and later on Kenta.

Kenta eventually meets Nori who tells him the plan to meet Mao. Nori also tells Kenta about the situation for Beings. While there is a military organization, it is not the majority of Beings; however, it is in charge of the government of the town for Beings. The town itself is run down and poor. There are many thefts and crime, but not many are enforcing the law. There are times when Nori disguises himself and walks through the town; he often goes to the bookstore where he also puts his own writing. Nori tells Kenta about his own intentions. Nori has nothing against humans and even loves Aki like a brother. However, he is sympathetic to the situation of Beings. He believes that for now, it is best if K wins against T and gets control of the land they have now as well as a little more with resources. The government of K will improve and eventually Beings and humans will coexist peacefully; however, this needs time.

Later on, there is a battle at T high school between T and K where Mao uses it as an opportunity to reunite with Kenta. At first Aya is confused why Kenta is protecting Mao but trusts her brother. After the battle, T interrogates Kenta and Mao. Mao does not have an earring to denote her loyalty to K. Aya also provides a testimony on what she witnessed in the battle. The final judgement is that Mao can only stay in T high school, and if she were to go outside, she must be accompanied by T officials. This decision is also influenced by Chiharu, Kenta’s mother. Chiharu tells Kenta the truth about her job; she was working overseas for T. However, she reassures him that his father and grandfather are not part of it.

Later on, Aki joins T high school. Aki knows Mao, and Kenta recognizes Aki because he looks similar to Nori. Aki tells them that Nori believed it’d be best if Aki went to T because things are becoming more dangerous. If anyone found Aki at K, he’d be killed.

Kenta reexamines his situation. He doesn’t want to leave Mao again, but T wouldn’t take the chance to let her go. There is increasing tensions between T and K, so there will be a full out battle soon. Kenta believes that the conflict is ridiculous and questions why there can’t be peace. Ultimately, Kenta takes advantage of the battle to escape with Mao and Aki. He starts his own journey of making sure future peace between Beings and humans are possible.

Although not necessarily official in the world of the story, I made Beings have the characteristics their human counterparts wants. Kenta wanted to be more expressive, which is apparent in Mao. Aki longed to be able to make a change/difference. Nori is very decisive; the reason why they look similar is because Aki does have the ability to make a difference, but he tells himself that he can’t. Mayumi wanted a sense of freedom; Dan is free-spirited and doesn’t like being tied down.

The original version of the story was a bit different. Nori was originally the antagonist with manipulative tendencies. Kenta originally pushed Mao out because his classmates mocked him for having an imaginary friend. Mao came back to have revenge, but eventually they forgive each other. Then Mao became angry at Nori for manipulating her to think very negatively of Kenta. Seiichi was a regular human who liked inventing things.

Kenta Tazawa
Protagonist of the story. He likes listening to music, playing video games, and cooking. He’s quiet and calm. He deeply treasures family. He also shares the idealistic and pacifistic views I had at the time I created him.

Mao Tazawa
Being who came from Kenta and is a younger sister figure to Kenta. She likes playing video games and playing sports. She’s very energetic, passionate, and loyal.

Mayumi Aizawa
Classmates of Kenta’s. She is kind, patient, and cheerful. She plans on becoming a doctor to help humans and Beings.

Shinji Yamaguchi
Classmates of Kenta’s. He’s passionate, serious, cautious, and loyal. He wants to change T so Beings like Hotaru don’t have to ostracized.

Seiichi Nishida
Classmate of Kenta’s and is part Being and part human. He often makes jokes and doesn’t seem to take things too seriously. However, he is actually very serious about his position.

Aki Ogawa
Classmate of Kenta’s. He’s nervous and very pessimistic. Aki was born in a poor house, and his father took loans from a dangerous group. His father failed to pay back the debt, so the group tried to beat Aki’s family. Nori escaped with Aki, and they never saw Aki’s family again.

Nori Ogawa
Being who came from Aki and is a brother-like figure to Aki. He is independent, sympathetic, realistic, and decisive. He always listens to Aki’s problems and wants what’s best for him.

Member of K under Nori’s section and best friend of Nori. He is nonchalant, free-spirited, and clever. He doesn’t want to be tied down but decides to follow Nori; his loyalty does not lie in K. He is a Being who came from Mayumi.

Member of K under Nori’s section and a trusted ally to Nori. She is straightforward, earnest, and hardworking. Originally loyal to K, she decides to follow Nori.

Aya Tazawa
Older sister to Kenta. She is dependable, hardworking, and bright. She worries a lot about Kenta.

Takeshi Koga
Classmate and friend of Aya. He is awkward and frank. He has a crush on Aya.

Hotaru Ikeda
Former classmate and friend of Shinji. She is cheerful, loyal, and strong. She is a Being who pretended to be human. When she was revealed as a Being, only Shinji defended her. Shinji helped her escape from T officials. Hotaru joined K because she wanted to be strong enough to stand on her own and to help Shinji.