ICON Competition - RULES

(Hope they don't mind, I used Rito's and Morbid similar rules to make this ones)

1. How it's gonna work. Once a month I will be posting a theme (food, water, Kingdom Hearts, etc) You will be given one whole month (starting after the week of entering is over) to make the icons for the challenge. Once they are made, send the preview image of them to me so I can post them anonymously.

2. I will allow one week for people to join the contest.

3. How judging is gonna work. I will be accepting votes on the icon sets for one week. The people who have joined the contest will be allowed to vote for any icon set except their own, of course. Anyone else is entitled to vote. Whichever set receives the most votes, wins.

4. You are entitled to use fan art or official scans. Well this rule is pretty obvious. You can use fan arts, official scans, manga scans, anything at all that you want (assuming it fits with the theme of the challenge). Don't claim it's your own art when it's not, and you're fine.

5. Animated and non-animated icons are allowed. If you wish to use an animated icon for any of the challenges, go right ahead, so long as it fits with the theme of the contest.

6. All participants are required to make a mandatory icon batch of 12 icons for the contest.

7. There are only going to be first a first place, maybe a second and third place as well, it all depends in how many entries are participating.