World Challenge: Banner!

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The whole World Challenge idea was suggested by LightFykki! *applauds* I think it's a great idea! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ It'll be really fun!! Recently, I've been getting tired of the current banner so I went and changed it. I'm sure soon enough I'm gonna get tired of this one too, so for this challenge, we're making banners for this world!~
The requirements for the banner:

  • Exactly 620px in Length
  • Maximum 500px in Width
  • Black, white, gray, and red colors!
  • Must have [ PHOTOSHOP-ERS ] Unite.*
  • JPEG/JPG, PNG, or GIF format only

*It doesn't have to be stylized like that XD It could just simply be Photoshopers Unite.

I'm going to be using Morbid Dollie's idea in posting the banners anonymously. So if you enter, send me the banner via PMing and I'll post it up here without anyone knowing whose entry is whose. I think this'll make things more fair :) So don't tell anyone which one's your banner when it comes to voting!! Also, everyone is allowed to vote once, even those who submitted banners (except they're not allowed to vote for themselves, of course). And remember, anyone can join, so please be sure to consider doing so :)! Thanks.

Winner gets to have their banner up the first month and second place gets the second month and so forth.
Also, Blue Latte has offered the first winner receive a wallpaper/eCard/iWall/icon request! Awesome!

Entries should be PMed to me by this time so we can get to voting before the end of the month :D.

Happy banner making and may the odds be ever in your favor. ヾ(●´ З`●)