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For everything and anything Photoshop related.

Welcome to [ PHOTOSHOP-ERS ] Unite! This world was created specifically for Photoshop users and is available to the aspiring graphic designers of theOtaku. Whether you're new to using Photoshop or if you're a pro looking for some tips/resources for the program, this is the place for you.

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Graphic Design Portable Softwares


It has download for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Paint Tool SAI. I will add more download links/softwares in the list when I have time so I'm just linking you to my Tumblr post instead and avoid having too much editing job.

3D Action

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Download (598 B)

To create a bigger/smaller 3D effect just move the top layer around.

Adobe Photoshop Actions:An Overview

First of all,this is my first post here in Photoshoper's Unite. I haven't been able to right a post until now because of life but I am here to write a post about Photoshop Actions. Actually it's more of an overview and an introduction them. A tutorial on how to use them is coming soon.

Photoshop Action:An Action is a recording of a series of Commands in Photoshop to which you apply a name. Later on, you can play that recording back on a different file and have Photoshop do your work for you.

Definition from this article and provides a great overview and introduction to Photoshop Actions.
Here is a website I found that has 100 free Photoshop actions available for download. This site also provides a small tutorial on how to install them and use them as well. But I shall provide my own tutorial on Photoshop Actions for Photoshoper's Unite which is currently a work in progress. Also I will provide a download in that post to all the Photoshop Actions I found and that I use in most of my graphics.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Thank you for reading my post. Comments are always appreciated.
EDIT:I made a new banner to better illustrate the use of Photoshop Actions. All actions used in the banner as well as the original image is linked below.

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Kappachui PSD

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Download (861 KB)

Yay my first PSD! ♥ To use it, just open it up in Photoshop then drag the ADJUSTMENTS folder onto your document. It should make dark scans look more vibrant and colorful! If you have any questions, please ask ≧'◡'≦

Image Used:

20 Fonts

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OMG Josephine.... that preview looks like crap!

I have a Font Family book with a CD that contains these fonts. All of these are free and can be shared (under Creative Commons License). Some fonts here may be used for commercial purposes. See my post here about that for more info.