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Welcome to [ PHOTOSHOP-ERS ] Unite! This world was created specifically for Photoshop users and is available to the aspiring graphic designers of theOtaku. Whether you're new to using Photoshop or if you're a pro looking for some tips/resources for the program, this is the place for you.

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Disney Icons Competition - Need more Voting!

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Here's the 6 entries participating in the contest, for voting post the number of your favorite entry in the comment box that you think it show the best representation of the theme. Those that are participating can't vote for your own entry but you can vote for the others.

Entry #1

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Entry #2

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Entry #3

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Entry #4

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Entry #5

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Entry #6

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ICON Competition 2 - New Theme! - Deadline 5 September!!!!

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Hiya everyone! Because of the amazing entries I got in the last competition I decide to do another one! This time the new theme is Disney! In other words it can be any Disney movie, characters, series, etc. There's a lot of Disney stuff so this time the icon set will be 12 icons!

Examples: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Here's the rules for the competition.

For now I'll be adding people who would like to participate ;)


1. sweetdevil
2. Vosh
3. Kurihara Akane
4. yuko9kost
5. Ritona Raito
6. LoveInChains
7. Felcie
8. harvestmoonluvr
9. Thiefspawn

Hiya guys, wanted to ask for those who already sent me their entry if you could re-send it again because I'm not sure If I deleted accidentally someone link. And for those who haven't but still would still like to join, I will give till 5 September to make the entry.

Futuristic Icons Competition - Winner!

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First of all I want to say thanks to everyone that participated, all the entries were AMAZING!!!! and thanks as well for everyone that voted! ^__^ hope the next challenge be as cool as this one! Well now here's the winner!

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Entry #4 made by

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And because I loved so much the others entries I had to mention everyone that participated as well! Gorgeous work everyone, I couldn't be more happy when I saw all this awesome icons TT^TT

Entry #1 made by Felcie

Entry #2 made by KairiJun

Entry #3 made by Kurihara Akane

Futuristic Icons Competition - Voting!

The theme of the contest is Futuristic (1. Of or relating to the future. 2. a. Of, characterized by, or expressin...

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ICON Competition - RULES

RULES (Hope they don't mind, I used Rito's and Morbid similar rules to make this ones) 1. How it's gonna work. Once a month I will be posting a theme (food, water, Kingdom...

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