Riku smiled. Ever since that day, when he'd finally returned home, life had just seemed so much better. Sora and Kairi were chatting happily.

"Hey, Riku!" cried Namine, running towards him. She tripped over her untied shoelaces. Roxas caught her hand.

Riku felt a slight wave of jealousy run through him but shook it off.

That should be you helping her. But you already know that.

Riku jumped in shock at the voice. "If you're Xehanort's heartless, then I'm not listening." he muttered.

Oh the very idea of it! I feel nauseous just thinking of it. I'm not, my main objective is to help you out.

"Riku? You ok?" asked Namine. "You kinda zoned out. Well, are you coming to the cinema or not?"

He shook his head. "No, thanks. I feel sick. Maybe next week."

Namine sighed and ran off.

That went well. purred the voice, as Riku walked home.

"Shut up."


"Who are you?"

I thought you just told me to shut up.

Riku said nothing.

Listen to me. You are far superior to what you think.

"Yeah, at getting manipulated..."

Touche. Let me help you.

"How can you help me?"

Just allow me to, oh I don't know, pull a few strings?

"Fine, but I'm not your puppet, ok?"

Of course you're not.