this is a world strictly for Kuroshitsuji and Kuroshitsuji lovers, its a place for Kuroshitsuji Characters, OCs, and just the random characters that dont get enough fandom or time in the books [you can even post those weird angels haha] everything is allowed awesome Kuroshitsuji Cosplay just....EVERYTHING!! if you are a fellow Kuroshitsuji lover just PM me or Comment on this world and i will enter you as a guest poster

I Made A Video!!

can you tell that i got bored today?? XD
video was made by me XP and it is my only video on my youtube channel so far..... if anyone has a character that you really like their character song and the character in general then tell me and i will make you a video slide show

William and Grell >.<

Grell is such a beautiful woman XD

Sexy Sebby [he always is]

Oh Sheet!!

Red Riding Alois and the Big Bad Claude