Okay folks this is for bluhart's challenge titled one cannot live without the other and here is my submission. I thought I'd create an entry based on how I see people the way of the world. It's called Master/Servant, but not in the naughty way. It's more on how there is always someone who takes charge and someone who stands back and allows the one in charge to rule and give order.

I hope you like it!


We serve the one we love
We give to the one we trust
We understand our roles
We never fight them for they are us
There are those that serve
Platter propped nicely
There are those that rule
Taking from the platter never to give
Only to receive
There are those that wait
Signals are given; commands are yelled
There are those that go
Giving the order barking the rules

Ones who stand back and wait to be told what to do
Ones who take action telling those that need the leash pulled--
Firmly every now and then
We serve the ones we hate
We understand our place
We never fight the order for it is law
It is life
You don’t like it, but you live it
You serve someone
You rule someone
You teach someone
You learn from someone
You guide someone
You follow someone
You rule some
You praise some



It’s a pretty circle
It goes around all the same