Hello Everyone! please enjoy anything I can provide you with! Do not feel like we need to be strangers shoot me a comment, message anything really. I'll be on, now and then but I will answer.

Thanks for your visit!

busy busy~!

Hey guys! sorry I've been all busy with life and adult responsibilities D:
My time is short and I'm currently planning my wedding.. well finishing planning my wedding. two months left!! :o I'll probably be on less for a while at least until things settle down. I'm super excited! haha but yes!! I'm still liking art and browsing :)


WOW it feels really weird being back on this site after SOOOOO long. I'm impressed to see that I've been a member for mmmm 9 year and a few months today. Yes, So I am hella older than I was when I first started. I don't really draw as much as a used to because of life and such. NOT saying that you will ever get to be like that. Please if you love this site and love to draw don't let anyone stop you. Take criticism and learn from it. I realize that all my old stuff is really stiff. my people are stiff so I tried to put a little more motion into it. All the things I draw now are just doodles but I think I will upload things whenever. I wanna get back on and see all the new stuff that has been posted so I'm excited about that! In case anyone is wondering I am 23 years old so I won't be overly active BUT I will pop by !

So to anyone new Hello and welcome to my page. And to all those that already knew me YES I am alive and breathing its good to see you!