[Download] Tsunayoshi Sawada Icons for Kami-chan.x3

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Hello Kami-chan.x3. I'm your icons Secret Santa :D
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It's a surprise that I'm your secret santa on both iPhone and icons. At least, it's not a problem for me to decide on what to make for you. By the way, I'm very proud of these icons. I've never used so much effort to o such icons like these. Never realized I could do such badass icons. Oh yeah, I'm so sorry for being too proud but I never made these kind of icons in my entire photoshop life. Now struggle on what icon to use.

I made it in 200px and 100px. I think I used to much sharpening on the 100px so feel free to adjust the 200px version if you want :)

I'd like to share these icons but the download will only be available for Kami-chan and it's her decision if she wants to share it or just keep it for her.

Happy Holidays to you <3

EDIT: Download here :)