Even if I'm getting busy with college schedule, I'm participating in Secret Santa 2011 for cards and wallpapers hosted by chibi-anna-cha and MikuBerry respectively.

I don't really have much preferences because I'm open to any kind of dedications... But if my Secret Santa finds it hard to bear with me, I might as well share some of my favorite stuff.

ANIME/MANGA CHARACTERS: obviously it's Son Goku (Saiyuki) but I also like Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21), Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail), Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Eiji Kikumaru & Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis)... and a lot more! But I'm currently spazzing over these boys <3

CARTOON: I'm quite an old-school in cartoons... I like getting nostalgia from 90's shows from cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I'm into Looney Tunes and Disney as well. I adore Disney princesses a lot! :))

MUSIC: For now I'm into K-Pop :P I like particular people from bands like Yoseob (BEAST - my ultimate bias!), Soohyun, Kevin & Dongho (U-KISS), Key (SHINee), Wooyoung (2PM), Jessica & Seohyun (Girls' Generation), Bora & Dasom (SISTAR), Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) and a lot more! :)))) But BEAST is the band I love the most :">

ACTORS: I'm still a hardcore Matt Damon fan ;) because he reminds me of John Cena... they quite look-a-like... or maybe it's just me

RANDOM: I love red. I love food (with rice, meaty stuff, even desserts will do). I love puppies. I love turtles as well :)) I love inspiring quotations :D

[EDIT] I'm also into Angry Birds! A LOT!!!!! YES! I F*CKING LOVE ANGRY BIRDS!!! My favorite is the Red Bird of course! But I also love the Yellow Bird and the Black one.

Good luck to my Secret Santa, lol! :))))
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