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Just a quick post while I'm taking a break for a while. I'm still around guys :)) Haha... I'm still alive and breathing. Thanks for tagging me RR! You still remember me :')

1. Bracelet, Earrings, or Necklace?
I prefer bracelets since I'm into wearing arm bands. Earrings and necklaces sometimes makes me feel like a girl... oh wait, I am a girl!
2. What is your view on body art?
I'm not into body art but I do respect it. Although honestly, I can't tell if all body art actually makes sense.
3. What do you want for Christmas?
I can't be wishing for gadgets yet. For now, I want food for the holidays... the ones we can't afford!
4. What does your bedroom look like in terms of setup?
My room is really small so I only have a bed, a large cabinet and a small table. Then the free spaces in my room is only enough for me to go on and off from bed.
5. Favorite DC Super Hero, GO!
Batman. Mysterious men in masks are so effing hot!
6. What is your favorite sound?
Is guitar sound counted? I really like it when someone plays the guitar.
7. Tell a silly story about yourself.
During our Art History in class, I was really really sleepy. Because the night before, I stayed up late to finish an important work to be submitted that day. I actually fell asleep. What's funny is that even the people in our whole row were all asleep. Then suddenly, I felt I was shaking. My seatmate was waking me up. And I actually hear a loud voice right next to me. When I woke up, I suddenly saw our professor just right beside me lecturing. LOLOLOLOLOLOL At least, he really doesn't give a f*ck if yo sleep in his class. Just make sure you pass his quizzes ;)
8. What's the first anime you watched subbed?
I first watched subbed anime on AXN. Although I'm confused with a lot of titles coming into my mind so I can't really say so.
9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Maybe I'm in the US working as a graphic artist or an animator in Dreamworks. That's just how ambitious I really am.
10. Tell me 3 flaws about yourself, 2 flaws about me, and 1 flaw of your role model. Ohohoho.
My 3 flaws: I'm clumsy, I'm crazy, I'm insecure about a lot of things.
RR's flaws: You're busy, make moar wallpapers for my sake!
Role model's flaw: her breath stinks
11. It's the middle of the night, your just chilling and zooming out to /co/ on the TV, enjoying a ham/cheese sandwich when suddenly: *BIFF* Batman punches in your front door, the explosive force of which takes a good portion of the front of your house as well as half of your family. Lightning suddenly lights the recently dark corners of your vision as he approaches you and you start to silently lose your mind. He points to you and says:
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems I targeted the wrong house :P

1. What are you watching now?
Blue's Clues. I recently downloaded seasons 1-3 via uTorrent :> and I've been making funny GIFs from them :D
2. Do you like to use more "muhahahah" or "bwahahaha"?
I laugh like a dork so its "BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA" :))
3. What do you prefer, night or day?
I've been staying up lately (which is what I'm used with) so I'm into the night. Besides, night is more relaxing than daytime.
4. Do you like and yet don't like someone?
Oh yes! :"> I'm weird...
5. What is the most unusual thing that you can do?
It seems I have the weirdest laugh so maybe that's the unusual thing about me.
6. Tell me one of your many talents?
Does making funny expressions all the time count?
7. Longest time that you remember that you slept?
I can sleep like a lion.... 24 hours straight!
8. Anime that got you into the anime?
Cardcaptor Sakura. That made my childhood really great :D
9. The most fun and best theO moment that you can remember of?
Logging in the site and seeing a lot of works is always the best for me. You guys don't know how stressed I am in college.
10.Whales or sharks?
Whales... They're cuter.
11.Most used foreign word by you?
I admit, saying English bad words has been a part of my habit. Hopefully, I don't have to type them down... :P

1. Do you paint your finger/toe nails?
No. I'm not into nail polish. Just a simple nail hygiene is enough for me.
2. Do you have any weird nicknames? If so, what is it?
Pig (because I eat a lot), Ms. Blur (because I wear glasses), Dr. Gusta (I love the Me Gusta face). Although in the end, they would just call me "Jo".
3. Do you like giving people nicknames?
Not really. I just prefer to call people by what they want me to call them.
4. What would you do if I told you I wanted to poke your brain?
I'm gonna kick you! I swear...
5. What type of clothing do you wear on a daily basis?
Most of time (and days) are in school so I'm quite used in our own simple uniform. I just wear big t-shirt and shorts when I'm at home.
6. What is one thing about yourself that you hate?
I tend to not tell what I really feel inside even if it hurts already. Quite hard to explain why :(
7. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
I excel in English but I actually like Science and History a lot.
8. Do you like the smell of potatoes?
I never tried to smell raw potatoes. But the smell of potato fries makes me really hungry!
9. Do you like to shake your groove thang? (Butt)
Not really that much. But I shake my butt whenever me and friends would entertain each other by doing funny dances and random craziness.
10. What is the highest number you've ever counted to?
6, 069 - I counted the money I've been saving for the past few years
11. Would you describe yourself as lazy, or not lazy?
I'm lazy.... I'm super lazy.... XD

1. How would you act/react if you lost something very important to you? (or it got ruined)
I go hysterical. I go ape shit. I make the most impossible frowning facial expressions ever. I curse everyone I see. I lose my temper so easily. I want to slap the faces of everyone I meet along the way. I say %^&@^&*&*&)#(*()&# bad words more often. I lose my trust to others for a while. And in the end, I'll be alone in my room and crying a river of tears. I've experienced that when my CPU was stolen last July :'(
2. If Genie was real, what three wishes would you make?
- three more wishes
- three more wishes
- three more wishes
(YAY! nine wishes left!!!!)
3. What is your favorite nature place? (beach/garden/field..etc)
I don't know what you call this but some nice windy field (with short grasses and blooming flowers in some areas) where you can enjoy looking up at the sky.
4. Do you think of internet friends as real friends, or just friends/people you know?
I treat of them as real friends. If they act like an enemy, then I'll be like "I'm simply nice but if you're going to provoke me, I'll assure you I'll be the feracious beast that you'll beg not to exist !!!"
5. If someones treats you unfriendly but not rude (Both in RL and internet) how would you treat them?
I'm still the friendly type of person online... as long as they don't get beyond the borders, then I don't mind if they're unfriendly to me.
6. Do you think you know yourself well?
I don't think so. Other people can do the articulation for me.
7. If something really embarrassing happened to you at a place/event in front of other people(a class/college, work...etc) How do you act?
I continue my business like a boss then tell everyone "watcha starin' at?"
8. If you felt that there's something fishy about someone (RL or internet). Would you check it out/face them?
What a coincidence! This scenario happened to me just a few weeks ago. I will just do the same thing. I'll investigate some things by myself then talk to my friends about it. If things are getting worse, I'll totally be staright to the point.
9. If someone asked for your honest opinion, would you be really honest?
I don't lie but I try to always compliment or keep the positive aura in some way. But if they say so, of course I will be honest.
10. Do you (most of the time) prefer others over yourself or not?
Yes. Maybe I'm still the inferior type.
11. What always cheer you up whenever you're depressed?
I EAT UNTIL I CAN'T EAT ANYMORE... or maybe cry until I sleep...

1. Let's start with a light question!~ Summer?Autumn?Winter or Spring?[any special reason?O ¬ O]
Winter. I really love Christmas (although I don't enjoy that much anymore) and I want to experience that. Philippines haz no snow :'(
2. Do you like perfume?What's your perfume's name or the kind of fragance?
I like perfume! Although I only use perfume on special occasions. Anything that smells good and doesn't hurt my nose is fine with me.
3. Congrats!You just won a magic passport and you have the right to go to three places for free! Please,choose your travel destination!^_^
I'm going to South Korea! I'm going to meet my favorite little beast, Yoseob and take his virginity!!! Or go to Las Vegas and meet Ryan Higa and take his virginity as well.... never mind -_-
4. Oh!I really love flowers!They're simply beautiful!Do you like them?Yes?What's your favorite flower?~
I love roses. Because I love red :)
5. Make origami is so fun!~ Do you know make some origami?O w O
I know how to make a few origami's because there were some Japanese who went to our elementary school and taught us a lot of stuff.
6. I'm hungry!>.<~ Do you have some kind of sweet or candy for me?
I'll share to you my favorite dessert, leche flan. :D
7. OMG!Pikachu is in trouble!He was kidnapped!TT^TT Help me!
8. Do you know some manga to recommend me?[suggestions are always welcome!]
I haven't been reading new titles but I guess I'd recommend Yankee-kun to Megane-chan.
9. You're in a fancy restaurant!*_*[Yes,food theme again!XD] Look at the wonderful menu.Are you ready to order?Yes?What you would like for your dinner?~
10. LOOK!!!*points to sky* A shooting star!!Fast,make a wish! *making a wish too* [Write your wish here]
I wish, I wish... that I can finish college with no regrets :)
11. Final Question!Yey!~ Say aloud:"I'm AWESOME!" and then lift your hands up high as if to touch the ceiling.How you felt?[No!You're not a idiot!Because,as you said before,you're awesome!~ XD]


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My 11 Questions (so sorry if they all suck and random)
1. What's the most difficult problem you ever encountered? Don't effing 'I take my problems very easy' me -_-
2. What is the thing you wanted to do but can't do it?
3. What do you think about today's music/TV shows/movies?
4. What's your current obsession? It can be anyone or anything random.
5. What made you join theO?
6. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag out of place in some cases?
7. What are your thoughts on haters?
8. How was your childhood days?
9. Is there something you want to accomplish/finish/do before 2011 ends?
10. What's the sweetest thing someone has said to you?
11. Who would you want to have a date with and where?