taekwondo aftermath


It's been days since I last logged in. So just wanna post the aftermath of my Taekwondo Finals.

Alright, our team did not win the gold but we got the silver! If I haven't lost in my match, we would've gotten the gold. Sorry if I didn't keep my promise that I will not break a leg. During my match, I feel something really terrible in my leg. And then, I made a wrong move that led my left leg bone to break. I was definitely in pain and I fainted since the bone ACTUALLY CAME OUT!!!! (*ewwwww*)

Medics came to aid me and when I was inside the ambulance, I started to cry. Not because I broke my leg, but because I failed to reach the gold. I'm really ashamed of myself and to my teammates. I was hospitalized and I heard that I should go under operation since my leg's really in the worst condition. But they said that I shouldn't worry since my leg will heal in just two months or less. I've been asleep for two days after the operation. I'm currently here, hospitalized. Good thing my uncle lend me his laptop so I could still entertain myself.

I can't just rest here even though I'm hospitalized. This June 15 was actually the start of our classes, but I won't be able to go to school with my broken leg. Good thing the school appreciated my efforts in the competition (our group are the school's official taekwondo team) so they let me rest in months. But that doesn't mean that I'm just gonna rest. I have to self-study and do the activities that my teachers send to me at the hospital. Ain't complaining, since I don't want to let my grades go down.

So I'm really doing my best to heal up fast and do my school activities at the same time. Its a little challenging (since I find it hard to move) but I'm having fun too.

I guess submitting my works (or even making new ones) will take a while. Well then, gotta go sleep now! Thanks for the people here who cheered for me from the start, you know who you are...

<signing off...>