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Pretty much its been over a year since I said I'll be off this site and contrary to the emo post I had last time, this year I'm doing pretty well. Though I still have some problems here and there, I'm definitely much better compared to my problematic 2013 year.

Currently I'm in my final year of college and I'm doing a packaging design thesis. I'll be presenting on March and if things go good, I'll be able to graduate on May 2015. One year is technically short but a lot of things happened that made me harder, better, faster, stronger. I have a few problems like academics mostly financial stuff but I'm no longer stressing out too much. But I have major acne problems right now thanks to my all-nighter thesis that I'm working on from July to March.

I've been trying to access my account lately but I forgot my password and after a few more tries, I finally logged in! I'm surprised to still be getting some comments, subscribers and messages. Frankly, its one in a million chance that I'll be back to editing. Not with this thesis of mine. Though I would like to take this chance to at least keep in touch with everyone here on other sites. Preferably Tumblr and Viber accounts. I know I'm no good with this but there are times I would randomly ask what's going on with you guys.

I actually feel better if I hear some news from you. Even if its simple like you got a new pet. Or y'all got good grades on a subject you thought you'd fail. Here are my accounts on sites, at least tell me your theO username so know who's who.

  • Skype (josephine12cute)
  • Tumblr (saintyoungbabe)
  • Twitter (josephine12cute) - I don't use this often but I get notifs on my new smartphone so I'll be able to keep in touch
  • Viber - PM me for this


After some time of inactivity, I have decided to retire... It's been a fun ride.

I've been a member of this site around February 2010 I think. I never realized I'd be so attached here. Even though I barely talk around with everyone, I'm happy to be have been loved and warmly embraced by the people here. theOtaku is one of the factors that helped me choose the course I'm in right now (Fine Arts). I'm happy to share the love for anime and generally being an otaku which is something I never enjoy much in real life (and I even got bullied for it).

I'm very thankful and I'm actually speechless for this goodbye post I'm doing. I cannot deny the busy college life and the downfall of my mental (and emotional) health these past months. I've always been afraid of this day to come but I know this will happen eventually.

I've been drowning with problems here and there as well and even though I can still think decently, I know I'm near insanity and probably one day I'll decide to do outrageous stuff (like suicide... not likely, but still possibly). I'd like to participate on this year's Secret Santa (as I always do) but I need my Christmas break to think things over and realize more bitter truths of what I might be in the future. I've never been so problematic like this but I know I have to learn how to cope with things by myself. I just hope I won't end up with desperation with all the bad luck I have (confession: I almost got in trouble of getting raped and getting involved in a drug syndicate because of my previous part time job).

Even I can't believe how fucked up my life already is compared to when I started in this site. Somehow, going back here gives me a feeling of relief and safety as if I'm home. It reminds me of how cheerful I was with my dreams back then (I sound like a grandma, sorry~). My old self would probably hate me if she knew my current situation.

When I say I'm attached with this site, I mean it! From simple compliments on my works to random comments and even emotional advice, everyone in this site is my family and I love you all so much. Its sad that some people I used to talk with have deactivated their accounts/no longer active without even saying farewell but as my life go on, I will always carry the good memories I had here. Even if my works aren't that good nor many, I learned a lot and I still apply the lessons even in college.

I hate to go but I have to. I mean, its just easy for me to simply go inactive but at least I want to leave a word to everyone that I'm alright (at least). I feel that its an obligation to let everyone know why I'm no longer online here.

I'm not sure if I can promise that I'll be alright (as I don't see a light of hope yet) still I want to go on. I'm a sentimental person so I assure you guys I won't deactivate. I'm happy to hold a status of Otaku Legend and even though its not special to me anymore, my 3 years here is worth it. I literally can't think of anything more to say.

From the bottom of heart, I owe you guys a million gratitude which I wished I could repay some time in the future. It's been fun and my happiest internet life being here in theOtaku.


Some update

I haven't been updating here for a while but I just have vent out my emotions for the past few months. My grandmother died last July 20 (8 days after my birthday) and until now I'm still not getting over it. Her disappearance made me realiz...

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My friend noticed that our faces have become oily these past few months and she told me that stress and lack of sleep causes oiliness. And I know that also triggers pimples.

I tried researching but a lot had usage of certain products that either expensive or not available in my country. So I want to ask you guys if you know natural ways of preventing an oily face (I saw one article about eating bananas) as well as avoiding pimples.




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"I finally saw my grades online and my prayers were worth it! It’s my first time to have a 3.0 grade but at least it’s a passing grade. I’m glad I didn’t fail Figure Drawing even if it’s a subject that I’m not really good at. I don’t need to take a summer class and for that, I shall keep my promise of 7 church pilgrimage on Friday to thank God for all the blessings and his unending guidance throughout my struggles this second year college."

OWYES, look who's not taking a summer class!!!! :D