Hi Otaku, call me Pea. I love God, my cat and I lurrrrve Japanese culture. I like playing card games and causal video games. I try to draw but I don’t really like my drawings. I think I can carry on a decent conversation and most of all I like to take naps.

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Zzzzzzzz........ *Wakes up* OH! By the way just a warning; I’m justifiably nuts

I'm a Fan of the world

Unlike most anime fans I'm a fan of the whole world. Well, not all anime fans are crazy about japan and hating on every other culture especially other Asian cultures xD (THAT IS AN OPINION K?) Anyway Pea ate out today, came h...

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Riddle Dis 'Taku

So, I'm just a bored Harry Potter Fan, I'm almost done reading the Chamber of secrets right now sooo..... Don K...

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