Hanawa's Piece (PEACE!) of Mind

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01. What's your favorite things about theOtaku?
*thinks* the friendly peeps here, the amazing artworks and worlds, all the talented artists... and the list goes on and on and on! XP

02. What's the most detestable things you found in this site?
I should hold back some punches aite? Hmmm some members are really REALLY getting on my nerve, but hell no, I’m NOT telling who.

03. What's your hope when you subscribe to someone?
Getting to know them better of course, I love making new friends. And seeing (plus commenting) more of their works.

04. If you're given one chance to change a feature in this site, what would that be?
Seriously, none at the moment, am pwetty much content with things the way they are.

05. Do you like meeting new members, and why and why is that?
You bet! ‘Cause in a way that’ll help me improve my ever-so-sux social skill.

06. What do you like most in some of theO members?
Their efforts in producing super decent artworks --- I definitely gotta learn to put my all in my works…

07. Do you have something you hate in some of the members?
Attempts at flirting and cybering --- you know I’m not here for those! >=(

08. Lastly, what do you think of these questions? And do you hope it was never made?
They are okay, had to do some thinking before answering though *not really a waste of time* but some pondering is actually good for my lousy dead brain cells.

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