Again, Am Tagged!

Wow one more tag! MariaCarlotta, thankies again for this. I'm pretty bored atm so this should be fun!

1. Ready to do this?
You bet I am!

1. Food: Omelet and anything super spicy and hot
2. Music: J-song especially J-Rock! *head banging*
3. Time of day: Midnight -- I'll turn into a half-vampire! *smirks*
4. Color: Black, black, black... blood red and dark blue
5. Movie: None atm. But if I have to pick one, that would be Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children COMPLETE
6. Book: If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon
7. Place: My room -- I value privacy and personal space
8. Person: My bff
9. Ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream

1. Are you happy?: Naaaah, my emotions are dead XP
2. Are you Sad?: Nope, but I'm kinda lonely 'cause I miss my bff
3. Are you Hungry?: Uber!
4. Are you sleepy?: Naaaaah, I'm dizzy.
5. Are you yearning for something?: I yearn for more time.

1. Eye Color: Hazel
2. Hair Color: Ebony black
3. Age:
4. Height: Lalalaaa~ *whistles*
5. Skin tone: Tan
6. Hair Length: Shoulder-length

1. Eating: I eat my heart out XD LOL
2. Drinking: Blood
3. Listening to: Karma by BUMP of CHICKEN
4. About to: Login to Facebook! XP
5. Thinking About: Next week's quiz... DX
6. Doing: Typing THIS answer XP
7. Reading: This tag, question #7! XD

I feel that... my drawing skill and mood is declining... Just look at this drawing! BLEH!

My biggest secret is... something that I will never disclose, of course!
I fear that... I will soon lose my sanity.
I can't believe.... that something so simple can brighten my darkest day.
No one knows...... my biggest secret. XP

I tag these random peeps. Psst: Don't kill me for this please! DX

sasuke sarutobi4
hitori mitsuki

Have fun!