Tis a happy day!! =D

OMG!!!!! This is a major news for me coz I've never had any of my work featured yet until now!! T^T

I just opened my laptop right now and I didn't really noticed that my work was today's featured fandom because I wanna check my messages and other comments first >3< Then I saw all the congratulations and I was like "What?!" I quickly scrolled down and I was so shocked when I found my wallpaper, "Bloodied Innocence", being featured!!! T^T

I was so shocked, I almost fainted xD!! I showed it to my mom and she was like "OMG!!! Good job!! so proud of you!!"
I also had a blood test today which is surprisingly related to my bloody wallpaper O.o weirdddd....

*squeals* theOtaku really knows how to make a girl like me happy!! * insert goofy smile* haha!! Anyways, thanx theO! and all of you guys for all the support and the greetings =] LOVE YOU ALL!!