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my addiction got the better of me

right now i feel like im dying, im sure its my own fault but please feel sorry for me anyway. right now is finals week for many collage students and after taking a final and hoping for the best alot of students go out for drinks and many of my freinds are of age (i know what your thinking, "oh, she just got sloshed" but keep listening) they would buy me liquer whenever i want but i dont drink anyway, i hate people that need to be drunk off their asses to have fun. but either way we go to the bar on occasion and sometimes they'll have drinks but always respect the fact that i dont. today was different, very different. we got to our usual spot and a couple freinds were already there with like 3 12 packs of mountian dew. i was sure this was a torture tactic becuase all my freinds are very aware of my very serious addiction problem. and it was, but not the kind i expected. i was sure they would tease me with it or force me to have a drink in order to claim the prize of about 2 1/2 weeks of dew but no. instead the dew was mine with no fight what-so-ever, in fact it was forced upon me. the bet was i had one hour to finish all 36 cans of ice cold dew or i had to pay for the dew and pay for everyone in the bar to have a drink. if i did it however, i got $100 in cash. not nearly worth it and i knew i would regret it. so i went for it. and i did it! 36 cans of mountain dew in 56 minutes!! WOOT! or so i thought, i was immediatly like someone on crack, i had the worst jitters ever i couldnt see straight, upset stomache, huge headache. the list just goes on! im pretty sure the last 2 times i peed it was glowing as well. so i must say, there is a limit; im sure im no dew lightweight, but i pushed way beyond mine. and i must be the dumbest person ever becuase well im typing this guess what im doing? thats right, sipping a 2-liter of mountain dew when it should be pepto bismal. so remember, the first step to recovery is addmitting you have a problem. ^.^

p.s. this actually happened mid-december but i didnt get to post it on theO so i just copy/paste becuase even if its late i wanted to share this horrific moment of my life with you all XD


i havent posted for sooooooooo long! i cant believe it. since i last posted my hair has been black, pink then black again. ive been to smackdown (in august) and now HAVE my wrestlemania tickets (which will take place in march) i just want to say i miss all my freinds i used to talk to so much but i havent really been on theO and i havent even posted since august T.T

just a few updates

lets see, i'm going to smackdown next month, my tickets just came in!! and im so excited, im going to be dying my hair pink in a week mor so, so i will get a picture up as soon as i can!

Wrestlemania XXVI

i'm going to wrestlemania 26! sunday march 28, 2010 at the university of pheonix stadium in glendale az. this venue will hold over 71,000 fans! this is sure to kick ass and i can't wait! this is the superbowl of sports entertainment! i know many of you are rolling your eyes at me for this but please if there are any wwe fans left out there let me know! comment your favorite wrestler, new or old, anything! let me know you share in this peice of fandom! i love, triple h, bret hart,mick foley, and my all time favorite...

HBK Shawn Michaels
professional wrestler, professionally sexy

personality twin!

i've recently discovered my celebrity personality twin.....Bam Margera!
i've always been a fan but i seemt to have just realized that, "thats me" seriously i act just like the guy, it's mostly the inability to show restraint at acting like a dumbass in public(and the way he talks, the pranks, ect. and no i don't just copy!) if you've never seen viva la bam or jackass it's hilarious! and i know it says not to try those stunts at home but nobody listens, so have fun reinacting "the wind tunnel" or whatever your hearts desire kids! but wear a cup and thank me later. (i know from personal experiance how much some of that stuff hurts, brace yourself)