I'm making a new world here, since my other one is dead. I'm hesitant to post on it, because its full of old and embarrassing things. So heres something a little more up-to-date.

Don't know me?
Well, you probably don't know what my posts are even talking about, but I'll give you some quick info.

My real name is Chani, but call me kittens if you don't know me very well. My boyfriend's name is Harry, but I call him Sealy. His username is manlyseakitten. So no flirting with him. :I We've been together for over a year, and we met each other on this very website. He's lived with me (in my actual, real life house) for a few months, and will be coming back for good soon.

I'm homeschooled, and I spend most of my time online. I love art, but am very uncreative. I don't post on here much, and all the art on my profile looks nothing like what I make now. I don't get on here much, so my updates will be very infrequent.

There are no posts in this world...