inufluffy12's 2nd character - Kaki

Name: Kaki

Age: Unknown (he looks about 16 years old)

Looks: Light blonde hair that falls over his left eye. His eyes are blue. He wears whatever Mari picks out for him

Personality: He's very quiet, and shy. He doen't leave Mari's side

Background: He was found by Mari inside the school as a baby. futher stuff hasn't happened yet: Mari looked after him, and tried to find his real parents. Ten days after she found him, she went to go feed him. But instead of finding a baby in the room, a sixteen year old boy was there instead. At first she thought he was a pervert, but then she realised he was actually the baby

Expertise: He can see ghosts, and is able to put up a sheild against them

Family: His real family is unknown. Mari

Anything else exciting that we need to know: Not that I can think of... yet