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Name: Mari
Age: Looks about nine years old, but she's actually 16
Looks: Long, soft blond hair. Emerald green eyes. Short (another reson why people think she's so young) Likes to wear Lolita styled clothes
Personality: Very cutesy, takes advantage of the fact that people think she's younger than she is. She's kind but she can be really mean if you make her mad
Background: Her parents put her up for adoption when she was very young. Even though she was very sweet and kind, no one wanted to adopt her. Her only friends were the ghosts who came to talk to her
Expertise: Ghost hunter/ meduim (she can see spirits, talk to them and even excersise them)
Family: She's an only child, and also an orphan
Anything else exciting that we need to know: She likes to make friends with ghosts, and talks to them in her spare time. Though if they're an evil ghost, she'll exersise them straight away. Seems to have a split personality at times