Chapter four

Toboe was beginning to like this new world. It was just so different than his own, it was so serene and lively! But that’s not what was on our young wolfs mind at the moment. He was busy thinking about those strange men, and what they where up to. Toboe’s new friends where taking him to their village, but they were going the same direction as the cloaked men were. He shivered at the very thought of the men. The killer intent they gave off rivaled even that of the most bloodthirsty wolves.

"Toboe, when we reach Konoha, I think it best you see the Hokage immediately. That way you can see if your friends have been to the village already." Kakashi said over his shoulder. "That and we need to find you a place to stay while you're there." "Yeah. Sounds good to me,” he said, barely hearing the jonin. Toboe was too engulfed in his thought to hear anything anyone said.

"Kakashi sensei, when are we gonna get to the village?" Naruto asked, clearly bored. "We'll be there in about three hours Naruto, be patient." Naruto just moaned.


The next three hours, Toboe noticed when he emerged from his thoughts, mainly consisted of, Naruto and Sasuke fighting, Hinata trying to get Naruto’s attention, Naruto and Kiba fighting, Sakura clinging to Sasuke, Kakashi reading a small orange book, Kurinai looking like she wanted to kill Naruto, and Shino remaining ever so silent. Well at least around this group, there's never a dull moment Toboe thought as Sakura punched Naruto on the head for 'being an idiot'.

The forest had begun to thin out he was met with an amazing sight: a huge gate and wall looming ahead of them. The smell of humans was very strong, so Toboe guessed they where at the entrance to Konoha. As they approached the gate a ninja clad in clothing similar to Kakashi's appeared out of thin air.

"I need to see your identifications." the ninja ordered. Kakashi and company held out papers for the guard ninja to see. He looked over each paper with a scrutinizing gaze. Then he came to Toboe who had no such papers.

"He's with us. He lost his party and needs a place to stay." Kakashi said at the ninjas questioning stare. "Very well you may pass."

He said to the group of shinobi. He disappeared and the gate began to open. Kakashi set off through the entrance as the others followed.

Toboe was amazed by the village. The strange sights and the smells! It was a little overwhelming for the young wolf. Kurinai noticed this. "What’s wrong Toboe?" she asked. "I, I'm fine, it's just I’ve never been in a village like this before." This was true enough he was used to small towns and even dieing cities, but this village was just so lively that it started Toboe.

Two ninja in masks appeared in front of Kakashi. They bowed. "Kakashi we're here to take the rouge ninjas in to Ibiki for interrogation." "Very well then." Kakashi said handing the rouges to the masked shinobi. They bowed then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Wow... Toboe thought as they continued onwards. Kakashi led them to a red tower. When they entered they where greeted by a very stressed looking woman with short black hair caring a pig in a coat.

"Kakashi! Thank god you're finally here! Lady Tsunade's in a foul mood and she’s anxious to know about your mission."

"Really? Why is she so high strung today?" Kakashi asked, mild surprise was just noticeable in his voice.

"The man who requested the mission has been staying in the village and has been constantly asking if you've caught the rouges. Needless to say, Lady Tsunade's not happy with him at the current moment." She said with a strained smile.

"Well then we'll just head right up." Kakashi said as he headed for the stairs.

"I think that would be best." the woman said as she rushed off again, but not before giving Toboe a curios glance.

As they ascended the steps, loud shouting and crashes could be heard coming from one of the upper floors. They went down a hallway and the shouts became louder and sounded a lot like 'is he here yet!!'. They stopped in front of a large door. Kakashi knocked on the door, the shouts stopped for a split second, "Come in!!" an angry voice yelled from within.

Kakashi hesitantly opened the door and stepped aside to let the others through. Toboe entered the large messy room to find a woman who looked to be about 20 years old with blonde hair and a rather big bosom holding a large solid wood desk over her head. She stared at the group for a second, "Oh it's you Kakashi." she said frazzled, an embarrassed look crept onto her face as she put the desk down and sat down behind it. She then turned the desk right side up.

Her gaze traveled from face to face, finally resting on Toboe’s face. She stared for a full minute at Toboe who was getting more nervous by the second.

"Kakashi, who is this?" Tsunade asked, suppressing a threatening tone.

"My name is Toboe. I'm sorry for not asking permission to come here." he was barely able to keep his voice calm. This woman gave off the same air of command and respect an alpha wolf would. She must be the leader of the village. This place it's just like a wolf pack! Toboe thought as he felt the stare of the hokage bore into his face.

Kakashi looked from Tsunade to Toboe, "Well he was traveling with his friends and got separated, so I though it would be best for him to come here. And if his friends come by then we can re-unite them and send them on their merry way." he explained.

Tsunade gave Kakashi a hard stare, "Kakashi, Kurinai, go file you report from your mission, the rest of you are dismissed."

"Hai" the shinobi answered in unison. The group turned to leave.

"Toboe, you stay." Every one looked at Tsunade then Toboe. He just nodded.

Once the room was empty, aside from the wolf pup and Hokage, Tsunade began to speak.

"Toboe I don't know how its possible."


"That you can use a genjutsu of that caliber, considering you’re a wolf."


To be continued in ch. 4!