New friends and possible enemies

Chapter two!

"Would you mind telling me how you tore out those guy's throat without any weapons" asked the jonin.

Oh crap! That’s right I look human, so it looks like I’m unarmed! Toboe thought. "Well" Toboe said, "I can't really tell you that," the jonin gave him a funny look, "why? Is it a secret?"

" Yeah, kinda." replied the pup.

"So are you saying it’s like a kiekie genkai?" asked the raven-haired boy. "Kiekie genkai?" asked Toboe confused. "Keikei genkai are abilities passed down through families." answered the raven headed boy.

"Oh yeah its kinda like that" Toboe said scratching the back of his head. "Ya know you never did tell me your names "Toboe pointed out to the ninjas "huh? Oh I’m Kakashi Hatake" said the silver haired jonin.

"Sasuke Uchiha" said the black haired/eyed boy. "I’m Sakura Haruno! Nice to meet you." the pink headed girl said sweetly. "I’m Naruto Uzumaki! I’m going to be the next hokage!" yelled the blonde. Every one sweat-dropped.

Kakashi bent down and began to tie up the two unconseous men.

"So Toboe, what exactly are you doing in this area?" asked Sakura. "Well I was traveling with my friends, but we, uh, got... separated." "Where were you going?" asked Naruto curiously. "We where on a mission." Toboe replied

"What kind of mission?" Sakura asked "I...I really can't say, sorry" Toboe said, "it’s ok" Sakura smiled "I understand. So do you have any place to stay?" Toboe was a little surprised by the question, "huh? Oh um, no, I guess not"

"Well we should head for the meeting spot to wait for Kurinai and her squad" Kakashi said standing up brushing dirt from his pants. "Toboe would you like to come to the village with us?" Kakashi asked.

"But, my friends..."Toboe said quietly, "if your friends are anywhere in the area they would probably head for the village for food and supplies, we can find out if or when they come." Toboe just nodded. Kakashi had a valid point.

The small group set off into the woods and onto a path. After a while the came upon a teahouse. Kakashi lead them inside as Naruto asked, "Why are we stopping here?" "Don’t you pay attention? We are meeting kurinai-sensei and the others here." an annoyed sakura explained. They sat down and ordered some food and drinks. Naruto and Sasuke began to talk about the fight with the rouges.

"I don't think that fight was half-bad" Naruto said. "I disagree, it was barely a warm-up. I didn't even need to use Sharingan." Sasuke disagreed. Toboe stifled a yawn, Naruto stared at him "what'd you think of the fight, Toboe?" he asked. "Hm? Oh well I didn't think it was an interesting fight, "Toboe said with a full out yawn. "Oh and have you been in bigger battles?" Naruto asked sarcastically. "Much bigger," Toboe said with a small smile. "How big" Naruto asked, again with a sarcastic tone. Toboe thought for a few moments before replying, "well when I was with Tsume, my one friend, one time we faced an entire army of men" Naruto starred at him "in armor."

Kakashi lower his book a little," you faced an entire army of armored men, and took them out? The two of you? "Kakashi asked. "Well we didn't kill all of them, we killed a lot though" Toboe answered, a bashful expression adorned his face. "Wow" was all sakura said.

Kakashi turned around, "they're here" he said as he put his book away. Toboe looked towards the door, a pretty woman had appeared in the doorway. She spotted Kakashi and walked over followed by three other people; one was a small shy looking girl with hair that looked dark purple/blue. She looked as if she wouldn't hurt a fly, then there was a boy wearing a grey jacket with a high collar.

He had on round sunglasses and had dark brown hair. Toboe noted that he smelled very odd, like bugs. And last was another boy. He had brown hair, red marks on his face, and smelled very strongly of dogs. Atop his head was a small white and brown puppy. As soon as they arrived at the table the puppy took one look at Toboe, began to shake. He jumped down into the boys jacket, whimpering.

The woman looked at the cowering dog, then at Toboe. "Hello Kakashi" she said with a small smile. "Kurinai" Kakashi greeted. "And who might you be?" she asked Toboe sweetly "I’m Toboe "he smiled. "Who are you?" "Kurinai, and this is my team, Hinata Hyuuga,” she said motioning to the shy girl." Shino Aburame" she pointed to the strange bespectacled boy, "and this is Kiba Inuzuka and his dog Akamaru" she said pointing to the feral smelling boy. Akamaru whimpered and Kiba seemed alarmed by it. Kiba gave Toboe a hard stare. Toboe just gave him a nervous smile.

"Toboe?" Kakashi asked. “Would you mind stepping out for a minute while we have a private discussion?" "Sure" Toboe answer. He stood up and walked out of the teahouse. He sat down at the base of a tree that was in front of the teahouse, by the path. He closed his eyes, enjoying the shade and the warm day.

Toboe’s daydreams where interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming closer. He opened his eyes, coming around a bend in the path, and towards him where two men. They both wore similar attire. They had matching straw hats that hid their faces from view.

The taller man had, what looked like a bandaged sword on his back. They both had on black cloaks decorated with red clouds. The smaller man stopped walking in the middle of the path, in front of Toboe. He turned, looked toward the teahouse, then at Toboe. The mad stared at him.

Toboe was feeling very strong killer intent, and he was picking up that strange scent that had been present in the rouges clearing. Toboe suppressed a shudder. It was like the man wasn't staring at him, but his wolf self.

And yet this man didn't yell, or freak out. He didn't even react at all! He just calmly started walking away, continuing down the path as if he hadn't seen Toboe at all. They continued down the road and out of sight. Toboe let out a small sigh.

“Toboe are you all right?” asked a voice from behind him. Toboe jumped a little, as the shinobi came into view.

“Oh yeah I’m fine.” Toboe said nervously. “Alright then. Lets go.” The small group set off towards Konoha.

To Be Continued…