I made this world to post things I like, or simply tell you about myself. For litterature and/or other artistic vents, please visit "Sparkle's Hideout". For a more personal look at my life, I will be posting things in another world called "Master of the Guard". I will be linking these here later, yet for now anyone can just go to my profile and click.

My favourite Movie/Book series and one of my childhood favourite singers.



Oh, no. Not those. Watch Chronicle! They use their brain to move things, so blood rushes to their head and if enough builds up it squirts out.


Well, I have internet now. So send me messages people! I can reply to them more often (as opposed to my usual once per month or less). Still, there's actually the challenge of convincing myself to actually come on; a challenge hopefully easily overcome.

Anyway, I'm still a human. Not much has changed this year. Maybe I'll post something interesting later, yet for now, I want to see messages. Lots and lots of messages. And I want those messages to be from people who want me to reply. So start writing!

I'm Going Home

Hey all. I just wanted to tell you I'm going home for my birthday and the holidays.

Our Lady Peace concert

I went to an Our Lady Peace concert today They`re just finished their Encore. I think Chuck the Freak introduced. I someone would like me to guest one or more pics of the concert, please PM me. Two more bands to come!

This is the Tecumseh Corn Fest.


Ok participants. I've given you enough time. Now I'm going to take a look through your submissions and choose a winner. Then Cedric will do the same. We will finally discuss our thoughts, then choose the top two or three.