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Party dress Ciel!

Ciel (Robin Version) doll by Dal

External Image
External Image

For pre-order at The Valley of The Dolls.

The cuteness burns.

OMG it's soo hot

Temperature hit 102 today and at one point it felt like 112...

Brb cooking dinner on the concrete.

I'm pretty handy if I think about it

Put together that dining room set that I should have put together like three week ago. Pretty good looking for the price too. Darn I love sales...


haven't been in my Photobucket account in a long time... I found these made by yours truly...

External Image

External Image

Memories. Memories.

I like mini things...

I really want a mini laptop, or netbook as I guess they are called. A 10 inch screen or under would be wonderful. I just find myself not relly liking being on the big old computer, or laptop.

So... Does anyone have one of these? Do they work OK? If Photoshop and iTunes work fine than that's good enough for me.