Welcome to Fanfic! such an uncreative name oh well :P

It's an AU about D.Gray-Man that is happening *now* Twenty-first century with all the living D.Gray characters and our own characters ^w^

Enjoy the randomness!

*if you want extra info on any character (besides ones I've done extra on) just PM/comment and I will ^^

Characters and intro-ish thing
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We have like ten new people

Who may or may not show up in the story at some point like we even do anything anymore anyways ANY Right then so newbies aaaaare :O Name: Ligh Serafin Age: 15 Birthday: September 26,1996 Origin: ...

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So I drew Aki. :3 ...

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Stolen from Yumei <.< >.>

Stolen from Yumei <.< >.>

1) Pick 5 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4) Tag 2-4 people to do the meme!
5) Have fun!

1. Raasura (guy)
2. Marcin (guy)
3. Ligh (guy)
4. Aise (girl)
5. Elle (girl)


1. [4] Wakes up in the morning to find [2] in the same room. What happens?
Aise: :T
Marcin: :T
Aise: how'd you get into my room?
Marcin: Oh, my body's outside, I just sort of phased through the wall
Aise: ......wish I could do that

2. What would happen if [5] was trapped in an elevator with [4]?
Elle: well this is unfortunate
Elle: can you not yell please?
Aise: right, sorry ':D but we CANNOT let the lights go out, understand?!
Elle: okay....

3. [1] Has the power to create [5]'s day into anyway they wanted. What would [1] do to [5]?

Raa: what? I can create her day?
Elle: this is interesting
Raa: .....I don't know, I guess I'd make it so she can see normally?
Elle: awww you're so sweet >w< *hugs*
Raa: don't hug me....please

(lol no #4)
alrighty then

5. [2] is cleaning [3]'s house when [2] finds an album of pictures of [2]. What does [3] do?
Marcin: I really need to stop hanging around Kaly, she always makes me want to clean.....oho? What's this? *picks up album* .......
Ligh: what's that?
Marcin: a photo album with pictures of me?
Ligh: oh....I must've taken the wrong one....

7. If [5] turned out to be an infamous criminal, what is the first thing [5] would do to [1]?
Elle: ....*steals his glasses*
Raa: hey! Give those back!!
Elle: *takes off her glasses and puts his on* wow it's all dark now
Raa: -n- well of course it is! You're wearing color-changing glasses
Elle: *looking around* so coooool

8. [3] Is a history teacher, [2] fails his/her test and [3] had offered to let him/her come in after school. What really goes on after class? Does [2] show up and does [3] teach or leave? Explain!
Marcin would probably show up, Ligh wouldn't know though because he can't see, and Marcin has been dead since the second World War so I have no idea why he would fail a history test....
Marcin: I can't read Swedish! That's why!!
Ligh: oh...sorry

10. Now [1] thinks that he/she is [3]! How does [1] impersonate [3]?
Raa: *closes his eyes* Alright, I'm blind
Ligh: :c
Raa: ............

11. [2], how shallow do you think [5] is? Either out of 1-10, 1 being not shallow at all, and 10 being extremely shallow.
Marcin: I dunno, maybe like a four or something
Elle: what???
Marcin: you're just like that Kaly person, always forcing people to eat
Elle: hmf :<

12. [4] could you tell us your guilty pleasures?
Aise: *starts laughing* POISON TEA AHAHAHA

13. Okay, now [2] wants [3] be homosexual with another character! Who is the character that [2] choses for [3]? Does [3] agree or not? (Can be with a character within this meme or another character of yours)
Ligh: what?
Marcin: you and Mori are so perfect
Ligh: but he's so cold hearted....
Marcin: .......perfect, I'm telling you
((Marcin, since when are you a shipper?!))

14. What would it take to make [5] fall in love with [4]?
Elle: her probably being a guy.....
Aise: yes I can agree with that
Elle: ....and not being insane

15. Now this meme is over, what will you do?
*tags everyone who wants to do this* OwO

Kaori's Intro

(Part 1 of 2) Kaori’s Intro., Part 1 I crouch silently on top of a cinderblock wall that runs between two large empty barns. My left foot, comfortable in my old black Vans sneakers, is flat on the wall’s top while m...

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