Hows it hanging !?
This is my Out of This World cosplay Relm! Alot of my friends have inspired me to cosplay and so i thought to myself ..." My not share it with my buds on TheO ?" so very soon i will be posting my cosplays as soon as i can figure out this damn camera ! *^* Now i am warning you now ,some of my cosplays are just completely redonkulus but i try ^^' .

If anyone has :


Feel free to leave a PM or comment and i'll get right back to you.

I will be placing up tutorials up here for those of you how want to cosplay but dont know were to get your start. ^_^

So drop in, drop out,tune in,tune out ,flip up ,down , get dressed and Explode !!!!

Cosplay table (please read)

So i find myself not posting very much anymore here - im much more active with my DA account so if you wish to keep in better touch with me my account name is ribera-beki. So i made this world more than a year ago and haven't posted on it. I made this account when i was about 13 and now (just about to turn 18) i look back and think of what great people ive met on here it really amazes me. Most of the people i met when i first made this account no longer use there's . I look back on post ive made in 08! 08 for crying out loud ! its like watching myself grow up for the past couple of years. So many people here have been so good to me thru out these years and most ive never even seen their faces !- So anyway just to give a minor update , heres a pic of me running my artist alley table at FAE 2012

My loli cosplay

Yay ! i finally made a pic post here ! I sew most of my cosplays myself ( unless i post other wise) Im glad i got some good shots of this costume ^_______^

Im baaaaaaaaaaaack !!!!!

Its been way to long since ive been uploading on here - i wonder if any of my subscribers remember me ? oh well - Any way i have much to upload and share with you all now like cosplay updates , cards , games, fan art, prizes and much more ! so try and stay tuned for current up dates . Love you all ! sorry for the delay !

Tragety in japan : How can i help ?

We have all heard of the horrible earthquake and tsunami to have struck japan in the miyagi prefecture.

There are currently more than 1,200 dead and thousands more feared to be. More than 200 aftershocks have been reported (an

aftershock every 2 minutes) Alot of people are saying to donate to Red-Cross but most of the sites I've been to are pretty dodgy,

If you Currently live in japan or have family in japan at this time , please, tell me how i can REALLY help. If food,extra clothing,supplies

for children or school is needed i am more than capable of setting up a drive quickly and efficiently. Though i am not fluent my Japanese

is good enough to get by. I want to do as much as i possibly can for a country i am very passionate about. If you know a way please

let me know as soon as possible. Send a prayer for japan.

~take care~

Upcoming Shado-con !!

HURRAY ! *party balloons go off!*

Sorry about the lack of post latley , school has been a total pain in the keyboard -_-' Any who I'm here to discuss the upcoming shado-con ! Its taking place in beautiful Tampa, Florida on November 5-7 (thats actually an hour away from me but thank GOD for my friend Sam's mom who is angelic enough to take us !!!).I'm going to be attending with a couple of my friends. And the reason im so excited is because this is my very first convention !!!! XD. If anyone else is going i would LOVE to hear from you and if your cosplaying so i can find you there ! were getting our sketch books and costumes ready so i hope i can see some of you guys there !!!!