Why I love Okane Ga Nai

I remembered reading my first "Boy's-Love"(BL) manga and it was great! But, seeing a BL anime is not easy. I found an interresting yaoi to watch and it was called, Okane Ga Nai. It had action, drama, and ofcourse......ROMANCE!I know some comic stores or videostores might not carry BL anime or manga. But, I know that Okane Ga Nai is my favorite. The two main characters are very different because of their life and background of where they came from. Here's an example, Gravitation, Shuichi and Yuki are just like the two characters in Okane Ga Nai. Yuki is the cold hearted one and Shuichi is the weak character. If you love BL, then okane ga nai is something I'd recomend to any otaku.