Graphic Worm '08 Finishes

For those who haven't noticed, one of OB's biggest projects for 2008 has finally come to a close.

The Graphic Worm thread received some 200 replies this year, with many of these containing the actual art submissions.

According to Art Studio Moderator Boo, this year's worm is around 1/4 larger than the 2007 worm. That's a pretty good effort, considering the size last year!

And if you're unfamiliar with the Graphic Worm project, let me say that it has now been running for three consecutive years. It basically involves each participant creating an image that links perfectly with the last one. Once many images are placed in a row, we get what looks like a long, steamless wall of artwork.

The most impressive part for me is actually seeing how each person connects the last piece of art to their own, especially when the themes from one piece to another are so different. Some of the transitions are incredibly cool.

If you want to visit the actual worm itself, click here. From this page you can also see the previous two worms.

If you're an artist on, I strongly encourage you to check out the Graphic Worm 2009, which will be launching soon. And even if you don't want to participate, it's still worth checking out the worms themselves.

A big thanks go out to all the participants this year and to Boo, our Art Studio Moderator, who kept everything nice and organized. Oh, and Desbreko worked very hard to keep all the imagery updated. So a big thanks to him too!