More Anime Forums?

As you are probably aware, OB held a vote quite a while ago where we asked members to vote for the creation of a new series-specific anime forum at OB. We gave a few options and the winner was Fullmetal Alchemist.

At this point I would really like to hold another vote to add additional forums, but I'm not sure whether we should just continue adding the forums that were already suggested (in order of their votes - meaning Death Note would be next in line) or whether we should do a whole new vote with new options.

What do you guys think? If you want me to add any anime series to a new poll, please suggest them here or on the official thread.

Anime Central Update

Yep, it's been a while. I'd like to say I got Geass'd into forgetting, but... anyway, here's a quick roundup.

My Mama Always Told Me Stupid is as Stupid Does...

Cryptic title, amusing thread. Encounters with anime-bashing in all its forms are old hat for many fans, but the article discussed here comes equipped with its own special brand of willful ignorance. Well, I got a kick out of it, at any rate. On a not entirely unrelated note...

Most Controversial Anime

Hey, look, the conversation's already turned to tentacles!

Death Note Movie (live action) has been given a limited theater release in May 2008.

Anyone planning on trying to see this? Personally, I dunno--I love Death Note and all, but somehow I always got the sense that the trailers alone would be more than enough to satisfy me in the live-action (plus CG Ryuk) department. I suppose I'll see if the promo that's supposed to run in front of Iron Man does anything extra to really inspire me.