Blog Closure

I'm not sure if anyone will read this, but I'm just wondering - is anyone interested in taking ownership of this blog? Probably not, but I thought I'd ask just in case.

The reason is that I am planning to close the blog shortly. It isn't playing any role of interest for OtakuBoards, and I don't see a need to keep it open if it isn't serving any real purpose.

Forum Update: The Lounge

It's been a while since I have posted any topic recommendations here and quite a lot has happened between the last such post and now. I thought I'd go through a selection of interesting topics in The Lounge, which you may want to check out.

Anyone here from 2001-ish? started by KittyLynn

This has pretty much become a gathering place for "oldies" - people who have been around since was established in 2001. I'm kind of surprised at the number of people who still lurk from time-to-time, but who haven't posted in years. This topic has been great for people to catch up with long-time friends.

I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy) started by 2010DigitalBoy

This topic has been going for ages - it now has exactly 1,000 replies - and it's still pretty active even now. It's interesting to see how people have changed over the years. Newer members might be especially interested in this topic.

Large Hadron Collider started by Drizzt Do'urden

I can't say I was surprised that there are numerous OBers who are interested in science, but this topic has been pretty interesting. Several members have been keeping up-to-date with the news from CERN, as well.

Twitter! started by Pleiades Rising

This topic doesn't yet have any replies, but I thought I'd put it here both because a lot of people use Twitter, and because this may be a good place to share both your own Twitter account as well as any that you follow and particularly like.

Blast from the Past

I found this today and I thought I'd share it with you:

This is part of a draft design that I was working on in 2007 for OtakuBoards. It's kind of strange to think that back then, we would have had to physically build this menu from the ground-up to make it work. Whereas now, with IP Board, it's pretty much in-built by default (for the most part).


HEYO! The OB Podcast is back to proper form and this week we have a different co-host in the sensational Gavin! We talk about all sorts of Geekdom and make a few jokes along the way. Shin's got an anime Review, but you already knew that huh?

Enjoy Everyone!~


(Note: Both Podbean AND Soundcloud were being gay, so here's a DL link. SORRRYYYYY ='[ )

OB Podcast #019: The Gavin Identity

OB Podcast #019: The Gavin Identity

Hey there everyone,

Ladies and gentlemen (but ladies in particular), be prepared to be swept off your feet as the other Gavin steps out of the shades and into the OB Podcast, booming his sexily manly Irish voice through your speakers. Yes indeed, after weeks of pressuring him, he has decided to record part of a podcast with us!

And as if that wasn't enough, Shinmaru reviews another fantastic anime to further overwhelm your senses. Plus, this time we have an entirely new segment by Lyndy Poo Lou, a book review! It's cool, it's hip and the books she reviews are neat!

The podcast puts some emphasis on our amazing Manga Alley, which in the next weeks will have some awesome things going on, going arm in arm with some of the other boards over at the OB. Check the board out if you're any bit interested in manga's (reading or making them yourself), and be sure to check it out a few times over the next weeks.

Also keep a look out for the fantastic Nifty Fifty Podcast coming up in the next few days! ^_~ [/garymothafuckinoaktyle]

Your friendly neighbourhood podcasters,

Korey & Boo