Here's the plan!

Ok, after lots of wonderful feedback and ideas, I have come to a conclusion that hopefully everyone will agree upon and think is easier! Also, hopefully blueangel won't mind. *laugh* But she said the PM-ing idea was anyhoo, after talking with you guys, it seems like the following things would be best to handle the gift giving!!

  • Submit your gift here at theO with the tag "secret santa" (one line, no commas in between). Then we can just search for the gift that's ours. Put the recipient's name in the title as well.
  • Submissions of gifts will be extended to a week BEFORE Christmas (18th) as well, if gifts are done early, or you just want to hurry and show them off.
  • PM the link to your gift to your recipient first and foremost! That way, they'll definitely get it. It also won't back up the updates here on the site.
  • Once you receive your gift, feel free to post it here with what you think about it. You don't have to if you don't want, but at least now with just having the choice, our backrooms won't get clogged with this World's updates on X-mas.

So I think PM-ing is the main part, but the other things should be remembered, too. :3 Okies? Is that all fine? Happy gifting~

~Angel Zakuro [just call me Kelsey]