some changes?

Hey all. <3 This is Angel Zakuro, one of the participants. :3 Well, I've been discussing with blueangel about this secret Santa thing! I don't know if it's a problem for any of you as well, but I just find that if we're all going to be guest posting and putting up our individuals' gifts here...then that would mean a lot of updates in our backroom, and lots of other sites/friends' updates would be pushed back...out of sight [and out of the site! *bad pun*]. Does anyone have another method that would be good, to prevent that?

Personally...I think that maybe just PM-ing our X-mas gifts to our recipients would be best. Submit your work, and then send the link to the person you made it for. That way, it would not crowd our backrooms with Otaku Secret Santa updates. What do you think? Would that be easier?

And then maybe somehow we'll find a way to put all of the gifts in one post. So do you still want to guest post with the gifts or just PM them? Also, in case you haven't heard, the gifts can be distributed all day Christmas Eve AND Christmas, just in case you can't get on the computer at certain times or whatever.

Happy gifting. <3