Ebbiru character Appreciation

Oops I accidentally posted Ebbi's feature in my other world ^^; I'm a dork... I was wondering why it was showing up.

Well I shall post it here and now.

This feature is for Ebbiru http://www.theotaku.com/portfolio/ebbiru

The spotlight is on their character Kaze.

This is what they had to say about Kaze...

Kaze is 19 years of age.
Although sometimes she tends to look younger than her age, this is due to her caring for her appearance. She can be a bit vain on occasions.

She is based round an era/place with more steam punk and robot related things. This is why her design includes cogs, goggles, metal armor boots and a more classy/formal fashion.

She is from a place where fantasy and magic exists. So her scarf is able to become like wings. Also she is a lot stronger than normal people so is able to wield a huge diamond bladed sword with ease, jump higher & is more knowledgeable due to her being open minded.

Her personality is modest and kind. Willing to take on things/jobs asked of her as long as something interesting is given to her as a reward. She is very independent and because of this also acts on what she thinks is right.
Due to her being very strong and athletic in fighting she does tend to get into a lot of fights. But she is one of those people who dosent mind and rather enjoys it, she knows she will beat them. :D

She is more of a rebel and wont be found working for government or people. She prefers to work alone as she finds working in groups slows her down. Only has a few select friends and can be found with them most often. They are bounty hunters like her. She does what she wants when she wants. This has caused her to be not welcome in some places.

I also asked a few questions about Kaze.

Reenigrl- "How and why did you create your character?"

Ebbiru- "Hmm, well i had decided i needed a new OC. And i wanted a blond, purple eyed character. So i started out sketching random ideas onto paper. I had a rough idea in my head that i wanted a female character who looks cool and has a weapon. Then as i sketched i added bits onto her design and built the steam punk idea onto her. I also like that type of thing. I am very partial to steam punk and robot/metal armor clothing on characters.
I guess i have always been interested with FF characters and their designs. I always found them so cool and if i could i would love to be like one LOL XD"

Reenigrl- "Is there currently a story with your character that is available to read?"

Ebbiru- "Urm nope no story or anything. And i dont think there ever will be. :'3"

Bonus Question!

If your character were an actual person do you think you would be friends with them? why or why not?

Ebbiru- "I guess i would try to be friends since she has similar traits and obviously having a friend like her would be extremely cool. *u* But because of what she does i wouldnt be able to see her often. And i guess due to the differences in strength i wouldnt be able to help her with tasks as much as i would like to XDD"

Thank you Ebbi for letting us know about your character ^_^ I hope to see more about them in the future and possible a story for us to read???

itemilicious Character appreciation

Hello again! We have another Feature! This times feature is for itemilicious http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/artist/itemilicious

I think all of her art is so cute and amazing... I am jealous of it lol.
So I asked if I could feature one of her characters and she chose her character Fu. This is what she had to say about the character.

"What kind of character is Fu?
She's a combination of all the Ocs i have created over time :3, but overall she's like a character that will represents all my like.

but here's her bio:
Name: Fu
Personality: She's a spoiled lil tomboy. But, she likes sharing her "toys" with her friends.
Age: 15

What's their story and background?
Her parents are both working abroad as archaeologists and her older brother works as a fashion designer in films so she's always alone left in their huge apartment with her dog, Sesame. She loves playing baseball, though her first love is kendo. In fact, their family has a history of swordsmanship and a heirloom katana passed down that goes along with it."

I also asked a few questions.

Reeni- "How and why did you come up with this character?"

Itemilicious- "Originally Fu is like an Oc in my fandoms. At first she's my fan character in Naruto Series but when my fandom died I just made her my own original character and developed her more."

Reeni- " Is your character in a story that is available for us to read currently?"

Item - " hmmmm, I'm currently trying to brainstorm some ideas in a comic where she'll appear as the main character friend, but is still in progress >v>"

Bonus Question!

If your character was an actual person do you think you would be friends with them? why or why not.

"yep! that will be super awesome! i mean we are really alike except for her sporty side >.<! and playing video games with her sounds like so much of fun :D "

Thank you so much for introducing us more to Fu! she defenitley is a cute character ^_^ though she could deffinetly have a story all her own if she really wanted to I'm sure.

Original character appreciation: 15385bic

It's been almost 3 years since my last post but we are back with some new features!

For our return I'm featuring one of theO's Talented artist's 15385bic http://www.theotaku.com/portfolio/15385bic

We are featuring thier OC Aiden!

This is what 15385bic had to say about their character...
"My few original characters come from a world were people have special ability to control their own AURA BEAST which usually manifest when they are in need/trouble.

The Aura Beasts are manifestations of their strongest past life. Whether its different dimensions/time periods it doesn't seem to matter as the soul always keeps those impressions/experiences.

Not everyone can use their aura beasts safetly/control them well as it can consume and kill them.

Name - Aiden
Personality - Generally hot headed but can reason rationally. Can't seem to deal well with certain types of characters (eg. Azura's flirty/playful personality)
Grades - B+ (studies hard and sometimes burns the table down when frustrated)
Height - unknown
Status - Single >8D but may have a crush on someone >_> <_<
Aura beast - Fire bird

Aiden often gets into a lot of trouble as he seems to forget that his aurabeast produces flames around it's body (an ability which he can tune out but forgets 90% of the time). Has almost burnt down his best friend's room before defending himself from the "killer dog".

I think Aiden sounds like an awsome character and would be awesome to see on the T.V screen. He deffinelty would have some major fangirls with his Firey attributes and red hair.

I aslo asked 15385bic Some questions about the begining of Aiden

Reeni- " How and why did you create this character. What was your insperation and reason to do so?"

Bic- "I love the idea of re-incarnation and would love to believe that there are different worlds/dimensions in which souls can cross"(I also like this idea ^_~)

Reeni- "Is there currently a story available for us to read?"

Bic- "no >_>' I can't really tell stories but He will be apearing in a Visual Novel that I am making with a friend (will never finish and its not the real story but...better than nothing XD" (link to that story here http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=12867&start=30

bonus questions... could you see yourself being freinds with your character if he were an actual person? why or why not?

Bic- "Yes ~ If only to make fun of him mwahaha "

Thank you for letting us know more about your character bic I hope to see more of him in the future. ^_^

Back from the dead and up and running

I know I said I hadn't forgotten about this world. but I actually kinda did... my lost post was like 3 years ago! O_O

Well I plan to change that!
Now that I have access to this site at work I'm going to be giving it more attention and more features for our Otaku artists on here. So be ready I may just feature you!

OC quiz

Was recomended to do an Oc interview of my characters by a member on DA


Basically it's just interveiwing some of your characters. you're suposed to tag a 3 people but I can't think of anyone in particular, so everyone is free to try this as well.

The characters I choose to Interview are:

Yume, Tsutoru, Arsenaway, Pandora.

(the answers of the character are following by whats happend so far or taking place in the present story of the manga's.)

How old are you?

Yume: "well... i'll hint to you that im around a century old but just by looking at me a lot of people think im 18."

Tsutoru: "Old enough."

Arsenaway: I'm 18 ^_^

Pandora: "I'm...*counts* well when I was traped away I was 16 at the time. but it's been a few hundred years since then ^^;"

What story do you come from?

Yume: "An Inuyasha fan-fiction" (Memories)

Tsutoru: "Same as Yume."

Arsenaway: "Well I'm from Arsenaway. Same name as the title XD

Pandora: "I'm from Arsenaway. I wonder why It's not called Pandora *hmph*"

Do you have any bad habbits?

Yume: "I tend to take action before I think... that's not always good."

Tsutoru: "What bad habbits could I possible have?"
Yume: "Are you serious!? How about, bad temper. Pyro problems. chasing people away! and you also-"
Tsutoru: "Okay! that's enough."

Arsenaway: "um... is speaking your mind a bad habbit?"

Pandora: "I can be very forgetfull ^^;"

Are you a virgin?

Yume: *///* "That's none of your buisness."

Tsutoru: *smirks* "Do I look like one?"

Arsenaway:" Yes. So what. I'd like to find that special someone first before I lose my virginity you know."

Pandora: "How Dare you ask me tht question! How rude!"

Who's your mate/spouse?

Yume: "I don't have one yet. I hope to some day though, with someone I can just be myself around. who will except me for who I am."

Tsutoru: "It's hard to say... I'm working on that."

Arsenaway: "Nope. but I hope to one day. like a said I want that special someone." (Kai would be nice)

Pandora: No I havent found anyone yet. It's hard to meet anyone when you're trying to save the world."

Do you have any skills?

Yume: "Well, I have a special way of re-attatching limbs to make them last longer. though I think this only works on demons."

Tsutoru: "I have great leader skills and combat skills."
Yume: "ugh >_<"

Arsenaway:" I supose I'm good at telling stories. and sheep herding ^^; "

Pandora: "I have some healing capabilites. I can make plants grow on almost any surface."

What is your personlaity like?

Yume: "Me? well, I think I'm a very kind person in general I don't discrimate against humans, they're living beings too. I usually speak what's on my mind. I like to return favors for those who have helped me. I'm still childish in many ways but don't underestimate me. I can aslo be serious and can get quite angry."

Tsutoru: "I was a born leader. A rebble even as a kid. I like things to go the way I want them. And will do almost anything to reach my goals.

Arsenaway: "I'm very adventourous and I love to explore. Im a kind person with a strong spirit. I try to take responsibility for my actions."

Pandora: "I am very outgoing, I love to have fun, going to parties and dressing up in new clothes. True I can have a temper sometiems but only when people are getting on my nerves. But i'm usually realy gentle."

What is your favourite icecream flavor?

Yume: "What's icecream?" flavors in general though I like the way cherries taste.

Tsutoru: "The hell is icecream?"

Arsenaway: "Pumpkin Icecream!"

Pandora: "Green tea Icecream"

Have you killed anyone?

Yume: "yes. I'm proud to say though that I have never killed a human."

Tsutoru: " Yeah I have. Mainly those that were ignorant or pissed me off."

Arsenaway: "No! and I hope I will never have to."

Pandora:" No. I don't kill people I heal and protect them."

Do you hate anyone?

Yume: "Just the person who destroyed my life. But it seems a lot of people hate him as well." (Naraku) "other then that. I rally don't hate anyone... they just irritate me."

Tsutoru: "Anyone that tries to get in my way."

Arsenaway: "Um, no I don't HATE anyone. not yet anyways."

Pandora: "Many people think I should hate my sister Ayara because of what she did. But I love my sister. I just don't like her actions. and Reese. I don't hate him. He just really really annoys me."

Do you have any secrets?

Yume: " Well... One time I accidentally choped off one of Tsutoru's fingers when we were younger and I gave him the finger of a dead human... he dosent know that the finger was human."
Tsutoru: "You did what!?"

Tsutoru: " I keep one of Yume's hair ornaments from when she was a kid in a box in my room."
Yume: " I don't know if that's sweet or a little wierd."

Arsenaway: " I want to marry the town hottie Kai!... I guess I said that kind of loud. ^^; "
Pan: "Uh, yeah."

Pandora: "A secret is a secret so why should I tell you?"

Do you love anyone?

Yume: "I love my clan members. Though none of us are bioligically related we're like one giant family. and Rin She's really grown on me."

Tsutoru: "I don't really get into the whole love thing. That's how you get attatched to people which in the end just causes pain. Which is what happend with Yume."

Arsenaway: " I love my family and my friends."

Pandora: " I love my sisters even though they dont always agree with each other."

What is your job?

Yume: "when I still lived with my clan, our job was to basically ward off other demons from the nearby human villages and I also helped train the young members of the clan in combat and did some nurturing. Now I guess I'm a temporary nanny for Sesshomaru's ward Rin."

Tsutoru: "My job now is trying to expand our clans territory. and looking for Yume."

Arsenaway: "I'm a sheperdess. sounds easy but you always have to be on the lookout. Sheep like to wonder off and wolves foxes and coytes like to eat them."

Pandora: " I was the gaurdian of the earth temple back in the day. Usually did upkeeping so it was always nice for the people who came to pray. I was also a healer. I made potions from certain plants to help heal illnesses,cuts, wounds that sort of thing."

What do you do to relax?

Yume: "me? I love hot bathes ^_^ that or just talking a walk and looking at the scenery."

Tsutoru: " Who has time to relax? though when I do. I like to sleep."

Arsenaway" I like to read some of my favourite stories, or just hang out with my best friend Ren."

Pandora. "I like to go shopping or talk with my sister Amara."

What is your speices?

Yume: "I'm Half wolf half dog. so I really don't know if that rule about wolves mating for life really applies to me."

Tsutoru: "I'm a full blooded Dragon demon. But I will take any type of demon woman as a mate but one in particular."

Arsenaway: "I'm human."

Pandora: "I'm of Elvish decent. That's why my family were the prefered choice to be the gaurdians of the elemental temples."

Who is your family?

Yume: "My parents are deceased but my adoptive family consists of my clan members. I was closest to, Kunai (deceased) Tsutoru, Hiro, Kazuya."

Tsutoru: "I don't know much about my birth parents but My adoptive family are the members of my clan. I'm closest with Yume,Hiro and Kazuya."

Arsenaway" My family is My mother (Elora) My father (Auron) and my little brother kim."

Pandora: "My family consists of my two older sisters Amara and Ayara.
They're Identical twins." My Father and Mother are Deceased.