Life as we know it

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Chapter One: remembering the past

It all started when I was sixteen I was talking about enlisting in the army, with my mom. But of course she freaked out and screamed at me, saying it was a dumb idea and I shouldn’t even think about it. I thought about what she said to me but I was dead set on it. Ten years ago my father enlisted and was sent halfway across Ellicoor II. Duke Vox head of the Dragon Brigade was leading the military at the time. Lord Vox was probably the best fighter on the whole planet. He fought countless battles against tyranny and ignorance. But somewhere along the line he himself became heartless and ruthless. Vox answered to one man and one man only. King arigylph the VII. The arigylph army was a force to worry about; there had been countless struggles between Arigylph and Aqois. My name is Albel Nox I am sixteen, my birthday is May 16, I have blue eyes black hair with a blonde under dye. I weigh one hundred and forty three pounds I am around five-six. I live in Kirsa a town on the edge of Arigylph territory. The enemies on a daily basis attack us. Lately the Aquarians have been hanging back like it’s the best course of action. Thank god because the king recalled at least half of the soldiers that guard this town. The adults have setup some kind of militia to protect us in case we get attacked. My dad was honorably discharged and sent back to us because he had lost his arm fighting against Nel Zepher one of the famous crimson blades. I guess the king thought that my father could survive a one on one fight to the death with a crimson blade a whole town could do even better. Every adult in the town would take turns during patrols. If you were married or dating you would patrol on the opposite day as your significant other. That way if something happens you wouldn’t have the chance to see them die. When it happened it was my moms turn to patrol the west entrance with our neighbors Tom and Jeff. My dad had fallen asleep pretty early that night and as I was starting to lay down when we heard a huge explosion. We ran outside to see the whole western side of town had been obliterated. The first thing my dad did was push me towards my friend Fayt Liengod He was the same age as me but a little smarter. But that’s beside the point. After he pushed me he started running to the charred land that once was the West Side of town. As he got there I saw another explosion off in the distance. My father dropped to his knees as he got to the burning pile of what looked like bodies. I was starting to run back to him as Fayt pulled me back. [Break]
It was almost impossible to hear or at that point really care what he was saying. All I know was my dad was in danger and my mom was just a chunk of bones and blood. I was able to break free from Fayt’s bony grip to charge after my soon to be incinerated father. I was still minutes away when a giant explosion went of right on top of my dad the force tossed me back at least twenty feet. I saw and felt the pain of the detonation; all I remember after that is waking up in the Kirsa fields. It is a plain outside of Kirsa unfortunately the field leads straight to Aires the crimson blades base town. I awake in the middle of the plain and I had two options one: go back to Kirsa and see the mayhem and destruction, or two: go to Aires and hopefully live till tomorrow. I decided to traverse to Aires I don’t know if I could stand seeing my friends and family like that. By the time I got to Aires it was around midnight I was able to get at least a few buildings in before I collapsed from exhaustion and loss of blood that explosion did quite a number on me. When I opened my eyes I was in a house it was an oversized manor with beautiful blue curtains and about six or seven pots of flowers on the table. The windows were opened and a overwhelming scent was flowing through the room. I stood up but my legs were too weak to hold myself up. I fell to the hardwood floor and created a large tremor with my drop. I guess the people who owned the house heard it, because I heard talking from the level below me. It was hard to understand every word but I got a small portion of the conversation. They were saying something about the attack an Kirsa I couldn’t hear anything else. But a minute or two in I heard footsteps getting closer. With every second they were getting louder, and closer I needed to do something but what I could try to jump out the window behind me or stay, maybe the residents are friendly. I decided to stay and talk to the homeowner’s maybe they could give me some information on what happened in Kirsa. I sat on the hard, cold wooden floor waiting for the possible enemies of the house to bust down that door. I had to prepare for anything; I grabbed one of the flowerpots from off of the table. I pulled my arm back to ready my pitch with a subtle slam the door shot open to a small and somewhat elegant women. She had on a rather skimpy outfit, which was really surprising; she had a runealogic design going up and down her arms.
She had long brown hair and green eyes; she looked about twenty, twenty-one. Her skirt was from hips to ankle with a parting at her right hip, which completely exposed her right leg with a extended legging. She was probably the definition of beauty; I didn’t see her as a threat and so I gently set the pot down. I tried to do it without her noticing but her graceful eyes caught it in an instant. She walked in the room with question as if I was going to charge at her in a blind fury. [Break]
After the strange women entered the room I stood up she was at least two inches smaller than me. I examined her in worry I had no idea where I was, all I could remember was collapsing at the entrance to Aries. She opened her sensual lips as if to say something but the quickly closed them again. She studied me for another moment then softly spoke, her voice sounded like an angel. I couldn’t understand her so I asked her to repeat herself. The second time her voice seemed a little more abrupt. She yelled Clair Lasbard, the roar made me jump back it was actually a surprise. I responded with my name as if it was second instinct, she nodded her head as if saying she approved of my response. She then went on to tell me that I was in fact in Aires and she was the leader of the Crimson blades. It came as a shock to me that such a meek women was the head of the legendary Blades. I asked why they had helped me; she asked me if I was from Airgylph. I decided not to lie I was proud of my lineage, she responded by telling me that they helped me so they could try persuade me to enlist with them. She said that she alone would train me, she also said that she was the best. And if I do as she said I would even surpass Vox. I wanted to believe her but the Crimson Blades are the ones who injured my father two years ago.
I decided to listen to what she had to say but I really didn’t even care I just figured that if she is the leader of the Blades I shouldn’t mess with her. After a while she told me to follow her downstairs, the hallway and stairs looked kind of the same as the room I awoke in. We had made it downstairs when I had realized that a massive chunk of the wall was missing, I tried to ask what had happened but every time I did Clair would just stare at me like I did it. We traveled outside to see that it was pleasant and quite bright for my taste, There were damaged homes and giant craters in the ground as if a bomb had gone off. I looked around to see if I knew anybody there but they all looked scared and if you knew me you weren’t scared of me. They all looked at me the same way like I was going to go on rampage I mean I didn’t even have a weapon. By the time I came back to reality Clair had already walked to one of the entrances of the town. I ran after her to be slammed down on the sharp rocks by some big guy in armor. He started talking but I couldn’t hear him because of the racing pain going through my body. Clair had said something to him and he let me up, then she went about telling me that if I wanted to leave alive I had to go to the Kirsa mines to steal some relic from the guy who watches the place. I was told he was an old man that had learned to master any thing but those just seemed like rumors. Clair said if I come back alive with the object I can go through Aqois anytime I wanted. I figured that retrieving said prize would be beneficial to me at a later date. [Break]
So I so I decided to play along with this murderer until I felt confident enough to deal with her. She was the boss of the one who put my dad out of a job and made him the shell of the man he once was. Her told me what the cave held and what artifact I was venturing to obtain for her and her muscle man.
I’d known the location of the mines very well, because as a child all I ever wanted to do was go down there, now I had that chance, the mines were to the east of Kirsa which means I had to back and see the destruction and mayhem. As I was leaving I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the journey but I was interrupted by a little girl she couldn’t have been older than seven. She was wearing torn up clothes and had no shoes; she looked at me with giant beautiful blue eyes and asked if I had any spare food that she could have, regrettable I had none so I told her to ask the big man and women over at the exit for some. She ran off and a minute later Clair ran up to me and started yelling that it was my fault that the little girl asked for food. She ranted about seeing the people of this town starve, she can’t feed everyone who needed help. So after awhile she told me she had another reason for running after me she said there was another way to get the mines a faster way. Aries was the shortcut town of Aqois. There were a few exits in the town one leads to Kirsa, one leads to Aqois castle and another leads to the mines and the forbidden mountain. It is a cliff that was blocked off years ago back when my grandpa was my age there were rumors that someone traveled up there to fight the monstrous creature that lives up there but they never returned. Thank god there was another exit because I couldn’t stand the sight of my dismayed parents, I setoff on my adventure to the dark and dank mines I saw plenty off things on my way there but nothing too exciting. The travel took me a few hours it was nightfall before I made it there so I decided to camp out for tonight. I just laid there on some leaves and a rock to rest my head on I just sat there gazing at the stars trying to fall off to sleep but it seemed almost impossible at the time. But I guess the dozing was getting to me because one minute I was awake then the next I was jolting up after a club slammed down on my ribs. The culprit was a small monster with green skin and a halberd type weapon one side was a club, and the other was a massively sized axe. Good thing he hit me with the blunt object instead of the cleaver that was attached to it. I looked around for something, anything at all that I could use to defend myself from this beast. Unfortunately my efforts were to no avail. I couldn’t find anything useable to protect myself as I tried to keep my distance while at the same time reach the mines in one piece. But it felt like the creature was able to read my mind because it ran in [Break]
Front of the entrance to the cave as if it as blocking my only means of escape. I looked around and at the time the only logical plan I could think of was ran, I saw a boulder that extended into the beaten path and thought that I could lose the thing there, so I started running as fast as I could but the little animal was twice as fast it seemed like it was toying with me, because it would get close then slow down as if I was its prey and it was getting a mental rush out of this. About fifty feet down the way I tripped on a rock it looked like a pebble at the time I hit the ground hard I laid there for a moment hoping someone would come and save me but then I realized no one was coming for me. I was on my own in the wilderness I opened my eyes to see a pair of black boots I looked up and saw a middle aged man staring down at me with discontent. I stood up to ask if he could help me but I was interrupted by the cry of the foul tiny vermin that was pursuing me. I looked at him one more time, he had gray combed back hair, a red cape that covered almost any below his neck the only thing that was exposed was his black and red boots that had a insignia on them. The design was a large golden W with a V cutting through it. He didn’t say anything all he did was hand me his sword, the blade was thin and long, its blade was a clean silver color, while the handle was a twirling pattern of red and black. I took the extremely long sword with amazement and intrigue, looking at the weapon and I can’t believe I’m saying this but it took my breath away.
He stared at me with these crazed eyes and then I knew what I had to do, I couldn’t let that monster kill me I had to defend myself. So I spun around with this intense fury and just swung my arm as hard as I could the beast had jumped at me as I was taking the blade from the mans hand. The first swing was ineffective; the thing just blocked it and fell back momentarily as if it was biding its time. It jumped at me again but this time it just flipped over me; I was surprised for a second an then it attacked. I was able to block the strike and tried to parry the blow but it was too fast. After that I just started swinging I taught if I hit it, it would leave an opening for another cut but the creature was fast and strong enough to block each individual hit. The old man just smirked as I slashed rapidly and after a while he started to laugh as if my struggle was comical I stopped for a minute to catch my breath and finally the man spoke. He told me that I need to take my time and wait for the appropriate time to attack. He said all opponents leave an opening just before each swing. So I decided why not try it I mean I could die but I will anyway if I am too tired to protect myself. I waited for the little troll to strike it came at me with a huge swing from the sharp axe right before the cut, the things whole body was exposed due to the [Break]
Downward swing so I just cut as hard and as fast as I could because if I messed up it would kill me for sure. The blow landed my sword went right through the unholy creature. Its small body landed with a sharp thud, the old man looked over at me and than walked to the fresh corpse on the ground he kneeled down next to it as if examining it, he searched its body for some unknown reason. I asked what he was looking for but all he said was that his business and his business alone. I started to walk at him to give his sword back but he told me to keep it. I said that it is of no use to me and he urged me that the sword was my property and mine alone his compelling voice only made me think this man knew more than I thought. So I said thanks and went on my way. The old man stood and started talking to the imp its body twitched as it started to stand and as the strange man killed it once again he said to himself so “he couldn’t even kill a weak monster such as you.”

Chapter Two: Hand of Doom

I made it to the mines once more as I thought to myself hopefully I could rest easy that night. So I laid back down on my leaf bed and drifted off to sleep. I woke up the day after I think around four in the mourning, I figured since everyone I know is dead I can take my time doing this job. I walked in to the cave with a surprised look on my face, the cave smelled like my house used to, it smelled just like my moms cooking. My mother was an inventor she would make things and then sell them to stores it made life tough; she didn’t all ways make a what you would call a living. I mean my dad was gone and then he came back with only one arm, so life wasn’t that easy for my family. I got a job with my friend Fayt at the local blacksmiths. We didn’t get to watch him while he worked or even come in the room as he worked; he said it was a family technique one that had to stay a secret. But anyway I made a few minutes in when I realized the cave had large corridors like it was made for people twice my size. I figured that it was just made like that to keep the basic cave look, and kept going in the further I got to worse the cave looked. Until it was just one huge room the massive room was poorly light so I had to feel my way through until I found a torch on the wall. I was able to light with the supplies sitting next to it, and as I was turning around I heard a loud roar. The former blacked room was full of dragons; thank god they couldn’t fly because I was pretty sure I could outrun them. But there were so many of them my chances were extremely slim so I had to act fast. I could stay and fight or run for my life and hope for the best. I chose the ladder I figured that the twenty or thirty dragons could finish me in a heartbeat I ran down a corridor or two with the flightless beast chasing me. I had to think fast if I wanted to live so slowed down just enough for one to catch up to me and then I spun around slicing as fast as I could so I could start running again. The sword slipped across the things neck and kept going I started running instantly so I had little confirmation that thing was dead. The only thing I heard was a dulling thud as I round another turn, I looked back and saw that some of the monsters turned at a different hall so there were only like three dragons chasing me. So I turned around and got ready for the onslaught of flames that I was sure was on the way. But the anticipation was for nothing the things rammed head first into me and my [Break]
Sword thank god one of them was stupid enough to impale himself on the tip of my blade. My weapon went right through it and slightly stabbed the one trailing behind it but my luck wasn’t the same with that one it survived with nothing more that a small gash. The sharp spikes on the dragons’ heads sliced into the skin on my right rib cage. I fell with a loud bang and saw that they didn’t cut me as bad as I thought they had. I stood up with lightning quick speed and jabbed at the dragons’ neck that was probably not my best idea the skin on those things was like steel or earth. I thought at the time that I had broken my hand but luck would have it. I just sprained it; if I had I might not have survived if I had. The dragons head jerked as my fist recoiled off of it, the beast then opened its mouth as the other one charged at me with its spikes again it seemed what ever the open mouth one was doing needed time, time I didn’t have. I evaded the stampeding dragon and cut at the stationary one my hit barely landed but it interrupted the attack. The dragon hopped back as if to try it again but this time it shot out a faster bolt of fire I spun to the side but I wasn’t fast enough and the fire burned my whole left arm. I fell to the ground on fire screaming wishing for the burning pain to go away next thing I know a tall figure flies in front of me and then everything went blank. I awoke in a bed my whole body ached I didn’t want to move because of the pain and I was in anew and possible dangerous place. I looked around to see if anything looked familiar but everything was new, I was so weak I couldn’t even get up the pain was to much to bear I couldn’t take it I needed a way out but that wasn’t going to happen so I promised myself, I vowed that I would get stronger and nothing like this would ever happen again. I finally felt like I had the motivation to move when a voice spoke out from the shadows. It told me not to move, if I did I could ether snag something in it or break it in some way. I had no idea what it was but I was stronger now and I didn’t listen to anybody. I insisted on getting up but the pain was too much to handle I dropped back on the bed and heard a clank as my body landed. I looked around but I didn’t see anything, I guess at the time my mind was blocking out what I really saw. The voice told to lie there until he felt comfortable enough. I asked what he was talking about but all he did was tell me to look at my left arm. I thought he was just trying to scare me but when I looked what I saw was overwhelming enough. I saw a giant chunk of metal attached to my arm. It had a black color with a thin line of white and blue spiking to the fingers the room was so dark it as hard to see anything but the glowing white and blue from my limb. The stranger started to advance from the shadows into the blue and white glow of my
arm. It was a little kid about four-two, with light brown overalls and a dark green shirt on underneath it. The kid held a dulling axe in his right hand and a screwdriver in the other. He wore a helmet with goggles stuck to the front
Of it the goggles were not in the best condition, the left lens was chipped and cracked while the right one was completely gone. Learn more in part two. [Break]